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  1. Radial

    Boost fluctuation issues.

    I had Blitz EBC in the past, and it was all just shit. Spool was shit, actually worse than stock. Did not allow me boost above 0,9bars (about 10-11psi), and it had 5000 menu options that was so totally useless. (Example - Scramble boost,wtf is that?) 5 cents in your Blitz being the same shit as mine was. Bought the TurboXS bleed valve - Even more shit, overboosted as hell with the stock "spring" that keeps the bleed closed untill 0,5bars or so. Had to remove the spring, and then it was veeeery slowly building boost again. Eventually bought an HDi Type D-SE from ebay after reading alot about it, and I have never looked back. Works like a charm, and is so simple anyone can use it. I think it was about 150$ incl shipping.
  2. Radial

    Microsquirt price drop / new features

    Microsquirt is sufficient for 99% of the installs i've seen and a very nice product. Remember- It's the size of a Credit card, and waterproof for 300$. Genoius Tuning software (TunerStudio). Drawbacks are limited in/outputs - It's got just what you need for an engine to run properly out of the box. but if you really need some more inputs or outputs (NOT coil or injector drivers), you can read more about the CAN interface. Lots of possibilities there. MS3 and MS3x is a far more powerful system - and you can customize it mostly as you want. And after all - MS is a great place to learn about EFI. If you dont want to learn about EFI - Skip all your plans on going Standalone. Too many EFI, and especially MS installs fails due to lack of knowledge on electronics in an EFI system.
  3. Radial

    LS1UZ project

    Very nice project. Super cheap "standalone option" for 1UZ. but why not use the distributor for that cam sensor? All you need is a 12V hall sensor that fits in somewhere on the stock cap (through one of the wire connectors?) - And the rotor (needs to have some metal in it, standard rotor copper is not magnetic) just needs to pass the sensor inside. Just a thought though.
  4. Radial

    Opinions on Borg Warner s360

    I see loads of nice dynos with 1j's and S360's on youtube. Take a look. Remember - All S3 series are T4 housings, and most are also Twinscroll. Most 3076 I've seen, are Single entry T3 exhaust housings.
  5. I totally agree on that once weight is on the wheel, and there are many opinions about camber. But for initialization, my (non professional) experience is that less camber is somehow better. This dude utilize the same theory with good results. http://camillast.com/tag/supra/ Drifting is a cruel territory for handling...you face a huge discussion whenever it's mentioned.
  6. maximum surface contact while initializing the drift. Helps the understeer a LOT... More camber = Less contact (Its dubble wishbone suspension) = less control on initializing the drift
  7. Settings: (You can see the modified SXE10 arm painted black) Camber against a straight object on the floor.... 2* camber or so? Happy with the result.
  8. Radial

    Acura Legend Resistor Box Wiring Diagram

    Some Acura resistors are actually too small. You can end up burning your injector drivers due to the increased current, if they are joined with the low Z 550cc MK4 injectors. Build your own resistor box with 9-10 ohm 1-2W resistors, or simply use the MK4 box.
  9. i'll post a picture one day. I'd say it's almost 0 camber after my modification of the SXE10 upper arms.
  10. Radial

    2jzge injectors not firing

    It's probably a A340E transmission you got, and the E stands for Electronic. Electronic in transmission terms means the transmission is controlled by electric inputs, and one of them is the Speed sensor. No speed-sensor = Limpmode (Typicaly transmission locks in a high gear). I dont know why the transmission works in 2'nd though...
  11. Radial

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    OFC it's easy when you knoew the spec, but do you have the cam phasing, map and rpm specs for a 2J VVTi? I have not seen any hanging around
  12. Radial

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    Its starting to be alot of 1JZ and 2JZ VVTi's running MS3 and MS3 Pro now... I have seen alot of threads about management of the VVTi-system. Managing VVTi needs some serious skills though, as its RPM and MAP based. None of that information is "easy to access".
  13. Radial

    Electronic boost controller thoughts for a 1J

    My HDi (the one in the jzx link) has been working for about a year without issues now. Dual port wg, works like a charm. My buddy was over at the garage the other day, and he had paied somewhere around 300$ just for the exact same solenoid (MAC-solenoid) to his Standalone.
  14. Yeah, the stock bolting where a big laugh...0,5mm (waaay to thin) washers that did not fit the tracks etc. But a person with some brains left knows that theese things needs an inspection before hitting the tarmac. Im confident this will last a while. But the rest of the stuff was actually quite nice...cant wait to NOT hear the sound of worn out balljoints. You are spot on there Bill! With the stock lower arms fully extended for max angle..and I can see that there now is room for further increased angle. Maybe a 2-5 degrees extra.