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  1. Adamm

    Baller Daily 161 build

    Jesus fucking fuck. So good!!!
  2. Adamm


    Glad you finally got a 1j! And welcome to the daily 1gs club, good choice!
  3. Adamm

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    All you have to do is loosen up the intake manifold and the harness pops on in like two seconds lol
  4. Adamm

    selling my corolla

    Did you used to live in Milwaukie off mcloughlin? Or did this car used to? I remember passing it on my way to work every morning. I'm interested in it, I'll send you a pm
  5. Adamm

    Project Grandpa Style !!!

    Good yob, motor is lookin' so freshh
  6. He meant ECU. He's talking about re-using the connector from the 7m ECU to make a harness that is truly plug and play. That's. what. He. Said. If you have one of those dudes (brother, cousin, friend, co worker) who can read a wiring diagram/ follow the non comprehensive wiring guide then do that and save yourself a shit load of money my friend.
  7. Adamm

    The anti-cress

  8. I feel like I've read somewhere somebody had used the BMW getrag in an x9? This is definitely interesting, reliable power at reasonable cost is my main goal.
  9. Adamm

    03 2jzge vvti in need of pinout

    Don't get gay cancer and sickle cell mixed up.
  10. Are you trying to get a legit smog done? Is it a two speed test or a loaded mode test?
  11. You can have my radio, I think it's pretty much mint. Ill send you a picture when I get home from work if you're still looking for one.
  12. Thanks white_raven, thanks Roy, you have PM.
  13. Adamm

    90' 1j Cress coming along

    I just bought those wheels. Fuck.
  14. Ill take clutch line and PS line if its not sold already, thanks.