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  1. I'm feeling generous so I'll give you 400. I need another project
  2. First link is the same dude cliff linked me up with. The 2nd is questionable. Someone translate that shit for me so i can rule out mexican cartel... always had a soft spot for that color. Anyone else?
  3. Thanks for the tip. Got some pics from him but needs bodywork from a mishap in the front Keep em comin!
  4. Back with a vengeance, looking for a clean x8 shell. West coast pref. Doesnt need a motor/tranny. Can live without an interior. Not looking for any rust bucket drift wanna-be race car. Just a clean shell... Show me what you have!
  5. Trevor

    Swapped 1JZ VVTI - MX73 ($3500)

    fixed You fucks aren't the only ones that wouldve never let me live this down. I have "friends" that do that too
  6. Trevor

    Swapped 1JZ VVTI - MX73 ($3500)

    SOLD Well, traded for a clean x83 with r154 and lots of cash on top so I can start all over. Broke-ass cressida club 4lyfe /sarcastic yay
  7. Trevor

    Swapped 1JZ VVTI - MX73 ($3500)

    God knows I dont fucking want to. Shits bummin me out. Car's currently parked behind my parents 30 min away where it can no longer be towed/stolen from me. Need to get a house. Fuck priorities. Maybe I'll trade for a 5 spd x83 and start from scratch. Who's down...
  8. Trevor

    Swapped 1JZ VVTI - MX73 ($3500)

    https://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=8552 Link to build thread
  9. Hate to do this but my tail is firmly between my legs on this one. Can't catch a break with this fucking car. Have spent about 1500 in tow/impound fees since I started this project and they keep racking up. Car has been stolen and recovered, and attempted stolen again. Just costing me too much time/stress so Im ready to pass it along to someone else who has the time/energy to finish this. Upwards of 7-8k in parts. Still have most receipts. All SERIOUS cash offers/trade offers will be considered. I need something ASAP http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/3764366604.html
  10. Trevor

    x72 Daddy mobile

    Pretty close. Hawaii has more natives with Meth in their pocket than car keys. Living in Hawaii and not being a meth head is the accomplishment. This guy hasn't convinced me either way
  11. Trevor

    Another JZX7.. A real diff in an x7??????

    3.73 That is all
  12. MJ doens't hold me here at all, that would be my family that does that. Smoking just makes spending time with them less painful LOL. I was young when we moved out here from UT but I'm at the point now where I make good money and give a damn enough to not just let it ride anymore. Gordo, you remind me of my dad. And I don't care much for the liberal shit-politics either. I like my guns and my rights. Let me use both freely and I'll take care of my god damn self. If it wasn't for this place I might've let the GF talk me into selling the project and "growing up". For now I consider it a good thing, so thanks to all you faggots I suppose.
  13. Chris, I have a kimber 1911 but I live in california so i can't use it. Honestly been looking at houses in TX all week. California has good weed, but that's just about it nowadays.
  14. Ya it's kind of pathetic. If half of you saw how close this thing is you'd slap me in the face. Probably deserve it. At least I have enough pride not to sell it. The gf brings it up everytime things go south but I won't fucking let anyone finish this car but me