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  1. This is like the nicest one I've seen stateside
  2. Yes it's 3tc my friends car and its super clean. Plans are just to lower it quad head light swap it and daily the shit out of it. AC is cold as fuck.
  3. Lol much disappoint I know but that thing was costing me way to much money.
  4. well i sold the cressida think im gonna buy this te off my friend
  5. ya they are wide ass fuck idk if brinkin explained enough but dam gap for days
  6. got those goofy over fender things in finally
  7. zombieslider

    X pics only!!!!

    here's some more pix from that meet. I need to pull camber out 30mm spacers still arent herra frush
  8. zombieslider

    X pics only!!!!

    um what?
  9. zombieslider

    WTB Burgundy X8 Interior Pieces

    I got the plugs, by armrest you mean the center consul or the doors?
  10. zombieslider

    X pics only!!!!

  11. zombieslider

    X pics only!!!!

  12. replaced the valves like 2 weeks ago babied it for the last week or so but everything seems fine. Started dailying it again, my s9 bumper came in I also got a new gun, shoots 9mm so its way cheap to shoot
  13. zombieslider

    WTB Side window rain guards

    right when i wanted to quit spending money on my car yall gotta be posting these rain visors :.....(
  14. zombieslider

    WTB Side window rain guards

    Ok ya if those were fiberglass I would not want them on my car lol
  15. zombieslider

    WTB Side window rain guards

    Ugh I want some real bad fuck visibility clearly y'all's seats are mounted to high