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  1. There was a good candidate locally with no rust but I bought my GF a 92 purple si hatch instead. Thats love right?


    I got a email from someone with a x7 wagon just like all good condition Cressida's its no were near winnipeg so we'll see. I got fam in VA so buying one from there isn't that unrealistic but gotta add the price of a flight.

  2. Looking for a X7 with minimal or no rust....

    Wagon prefered.

    Red/Maroon prefered.

    Bone stock unraped car prefered.

    With that saiding pickings are slim locally for X7 so I'm not going to be picky.

    Willing to travel but if I travel and am disappointed I will slash your tires.




  3. Wow thought I at least updated about the motor. Anyway with the 1jz it just seems like the rear main starved of oil. Probably have to get the crank ground, can't believe it wasn't knocking, oh well.


    In other sad news, I'm gonna have to get rid of the lexus, just not enough room to have it sitting at the apartment I live at for as long as I need it to. I mean I considered lots of stuff, like renting a storage unit to work on it and keep it in etc or just fuck it and max out my cards and get it done. But I gotta save my money this year. I'm planning on going to university for mechanical engineering, I'm just upgrading courses and saving money so I can do it. I'll be keeping the 1jz and probably trying to find a cressida wagon at some point to put it in because I'm going threw some serious jz withdrawl symptoms. I finished the firewall on the lexus but theres no way I'll be able to afford what I wanted to do to it now, but I can still aford a cressida since I retained most of the parts I need to put my jz into one. Getting rid of the lexus is pretty painful and been fighting with the idea for months but its gotta happen.

  4. Jz swap. I think it has good potential. Fair bit of clean up and work but if you're using it as a shell it could be affordable. Weird jzxp members saying it's a mistake but I guess then again some members probably have trouble turning a wrench like what's his name.

  5. Emanage ultimate w/ Map sensor & sensor harness + universal harness - short

    Oh yea its one of the more recent versions so I didn't have to use the injector harness or w/e for it to work with a jzx100 1jz.

    $400 shipped anywhere in north america






    Velcro was just for mounting, unit worked good the whole time I used it, only ever had 1 glitch that was caused by my comp bugging when uploading a map.



    Not really sure on value so just getting price off ebay I'll say around $100 shipped anywhere in north america








    Jzx100 ignitor $50 shipped anywhere in north america



    JZX100 MAF $80 Shipped anywhere in north america


  6. First up is the MX73 T3 setup, no camber plates but with rear coil over conversion which is $600 on its own for a MA60(or x7 in other words).


    Doesn't come with brakes or hub due to shipping weight. Might have to ship in 2 separate boxes and if you want it shipped down to the states lets assume it'll probably be around $100, but I'll refund the difference if its less.

    $450 is my jzxp deal + shipping, its pretty cheap so if you start throwing me offers I'll probably tell you to fuck off, so lets say its a fixed price.

    Includes t3 front gc sleeves and 12kg springs, sw20 rear strut kyb agx inserts - adjustable(one of the nobs is smashed but still functions) Also cut down ae86 short stroke strut spacers. Comes with knuckle with mount already welded on.

    Rear is ae86 t3 rear coilover conversion, only switched out the shocks for ford focus rears, stil adjustable kyb agx, rear spring rate is 7kg which =s about 10kg with the x7 rear trailing arm MA ratio.







    Serialnine x7 Front coilover conversion sleeves and camber pate adapter stuff

    lets say $100 OBO + shipping

    I'll add pics later


    X7 xm jz engine mount brackets, exhaust side notched for vvti 1jz oil drain

    $70 + shipping


  7. Maf is more accurate at calculating air mass but has to be in front of the turbo because it can't read pressure.


    Map is just more flexible, but also more forgiving in the case of releasing air mass or intake of extra(leak).


    Best is combination of the two and you'll find that in some German turbo or s/c cars.

  8. Spent lots of time stripping the interior, shitload of stuff under that dash...







    So yea maybe took a little bit much out of the firewall because I was planning on setting the motor back farther than I ended up resting my decision on but I never liked it anyway, The trans tunnel definitely wouldn't work with a r154 though even with the space for the bell all cut out I still have to cut a few holes on the pass side for the middle of the trans.


    Also when I was test fitting the engine I took off the oil pan because I figured I might need a rear sump setting it back.. but this is what I found.



    Better now than later I guess but I'll be taking apart the bottom end to see what the damage is, ran good when I pulled it out but I did beat the shit out of this engine. Kind of thinking maybe thrust bearing material... but its definitely bearing material.


    So plan is now to get the engine and trans mounted, gonna be making my own mounts, start on the firewall. Then take apart the bottom end to see whats happening.