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  1. I like the gauges. Why not put a big turbo on the rb I want to see that shit blow up or make smoke.
  2. gameface

    Sorry its been awhile!

    More pics!
  3. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Yea you should have picked up a r154. But honestly who knows how well the w58 will hold up to your driving style and stock vvti 1jz. Many people have had a problem with breaking stock x7 diffs and mines held up enough for me to wear out the lsd and a couple sets of tires. And on the note of the cost ive got 2 r154s and bell/clutch/light flywheel for that. Crazy dude...
  4. gameface

    MX73 vs MA70

    lol i was asking dumbass if "a line on ma70 coilovers" means free Its ok I know you're old full of automotive knowledge and experience but lacking in the communication area.
  5. and you had problems with sealing? weird
  6. gameface

    MX73 vs MA70

    does a line mean free?
  7. gameface

    Need a Set of Front Knuckles for the 73

    $100ish based on guessed weight and size so it would be pretty expensive with shipping and enough money to make me want to take apart my parts cars front suspension. Actually in some time I will be taking it apart anyway to mod for coilovers so if you cant find anything we can look at doing the deal cheaper when that happens because ill have the susp off my car available.
  8. Way I look at it is hes like the ugly girl in a group of girls that makes them all look hotter. Except in this case its an extremely gay cressida gayed out with nissan shelf parts, using bad decision making and doing a lot of work to make ass backward shit work like reject skyline motor/trans with wrong side exhaust outlet piped directly at the brake master cyl and steering shaft, cutting up the body drifter fan boy style and painting shit hipster colors. Makes a lot of the other builds on here way cooler because we dont really get to see the gayed up nissan and miata build threads regularly or at all actually. I mostly am just making fun and don't mind seeing different things, also a rb is way cooler than a 7m even with their problems and over priced parts. But on a serious note hopefully you preheated and did a slow controled cooling of that manifold for the welding or its gonna crack and shoot flames at your brake master cyl and explode shit 7m rod knock style.
  9. you know brake fluid is flammable right?
  10. gameface

    Need a Set of Front Knuckles for the 73

    whats your offer
  11. Nice work and I meant shouldn't have cont to ground. Typed on my phone.
  12. Sounds like 3 4 5 are short to ground on the ECM side of the circuit but if its 3 and not 4 injectors on full time then the short is before the splice since yours should be paired injection right? ECM controls the grounds so that's my view of it. The injector ground should go through a transistor in the ecu so it should be full on 0 resistance continuity and honestly should be no continuity.
  13. Any way to confirm the safc is working? If you have fuel and spark or no fuel that's what id look at. To check for injectors firing have someone crank it over and listen with your ear over a screwdriver placed on one of them and you should hear the clicking and might be able to feel by hand. If you suspect the harness it might be faster pulling it apart to inspect the spliced areas for the safc? Rather than checking resistance in between shit and for short to ground or voltage. I've never done a safc so not 100% on what gets wired in and what not or even its functions.
  14. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Ill try that. I'll make some vids sometime too, I want to make it a little more aggressive but I think I'm kinda of limited since it only pulls 20 deg.
  15. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Alright so I ran a couple data logs shortly after getting it going and tried to do every driving condition I could thing of, I ended up getting enough in 1 log to fill out most of the airflow output map. A little while back my car started running pretty rich - like 12.5 in cruising and stuff like that and my MAF is definitely reading way higher voltage than it should be so I'll probably take it apart and use the iat out of it when I put on the bigger turbo. Back on topic - So I filled out the air flow output map through out the week, it is a little time consuming. As soon as I switched it over to the airflow output map it fired right up and ran like before. So I drove around a bit and adjusted some of the voltage outputs to bring it back to normal cruise afr and what not because where I live now I have to use the highway and I burnt 50 dollars of gas in 4 days. So now cruising at 130 on the highway im at 18:1 instead of 11:1. I also opened up my bov and set up the launch control(shooting flames and making air sounds is important ok) so speed from x7 digital dash is read fine by emanage and the 1jz runs like stock still but now on map. I'll post up my airflow output map for future reference for anyone else who goes down this road after I refine it over the weekend.
  16. gameface

    WTB: X7 front hubs

    $400 shipped
  17. gameface

    85 Mark II GT

    Someone will buy it for that. Its definitely nicer but I guess that car was always destined the be the whore mark 2 of the usa.
  18. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Yea I just fired it up minutes ago after messing with it some(wrong jumper for ign, whoops) runs like stock at the moment. I'm gonna take a bunch of data logs and stuff so I have something to reference/start from. I guess I'll have to learn to use excel if that's what the logs are in. I'm waiting for my labtop to charge then I'm gonna start tonight while I run around getting stuff for my new apartment. As for converting to map. Not sure how I will do it but I guess the best way would be taking the iat out of the maf and putting it in my charge pipe after the i/c or in the turbo inlet pipe, or just relocating the maf and using it for air temp. I'm gonna start datalogging and building a airflow output map so I can put on this bigger turbo that's been collecting dust and run it on map. Also I hooked up my vehicle speed output from the inst clust that used to go to the trans computer up to the emanage, so if that works I can set up my launch control and shoot flames and shit. If not ill try the r154 abs sensor for a speed signal. I will share my airflow output map when I'm done if it runs ok on it. I'll post updates when I get something done with the emanage, and maybe update my build thread someday.
  19. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Hey guys just incase anyone has issues with the driver not installing correctly and device installer crashing on install. I had to install the driver in safe mode. Before installing in safe mode I spent hours messing with the registry(had to manually remove) and reinstalling, and googling for similar problems. It's a cf19 Panasonic toughbook(probably the cause of my problems).
  20. gameface

    FS: 1991 Toyota Soarer 5spd, Alberta Canada

    Good price.
  21. gameface

    Weir LSD kits?

    Well if you own a x7 that's going to change.
  22. gameface

    Weir LSD kits?

    Read up on a celicasupra owners experience with the weir rebuild. I wouldn't, solid spacer yes tho