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    Super sweet JDM bumper FS

    Yea I wouldn't have bought from you even if I needed it. $300 for a cracked bumper anyone?
  2. Hasn't caught fire yet ill be waiting in the shadows for it to happen
  3. gameface

    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    Yea I had to notch one of the xcessive brackets for the turbo drain(iirc) a little bit. At least were I put them. Sick car!
  4. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    The thing that made me really interested in it was the possibility of running map w/ stock ecu functions. For 400ish with the map sensor I can't really complain, half the price of mega squirt, or pfc. The only thing I've changed is the airflow output map because I think it will pretty much have to be perfect for normal driving and I'm actually considering renting dyno time to refine it because its gonna be the foundation of how it runs and how easy it is to tune with bigger injectors. It's a little rough on cold start drives but once it's at operating its smooth, I know I can use coolant temp correction but want to focus on getting the airflow output perfect before throwing in more variables, and hopefully that will help others too. Tough to hit all load situations on the road and adjusting, I do use data logs but drive ability shit. I'm pretty pumped to put the turbo stuff on gonna surprise this out of some people.
  5. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    The emanage? Good so far it's doing everything I want and I don't see any problems with its capabilities. If you mean the turbo stuff, haven't put it on yet, got the piping and stuff I need sitting at the border so I'm picking if up this weekend and putting the turbo stuff on. Gonna have to do injectors soon too.
  6. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Yea that's when I found out the cel actually works lol. I'll try and remember to check on the weekend for codes since im gonna be working on it anyway.
  7. gameface

    Sorry its been awhile!

    Hard life modding a daily, if you build on the n/a you can do it a bit at a time. NA-Ts have made good power plenty of times.
  8. Not totally sure on the venting yet but ill probably duct it out the spare well area. Intake ill just put the arm rest down and drop the rear windows - bam or from under the rear seats. I cant use the trunk lid because itll just suck in air there kinda like how if you had no trunk seal it would just suck in dirt on a gravel road. I also want to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and then dying. The fans should move enough air to cool heat transferred from the intake and if they aren't then I'll get better ones. Well hopefully this works but we'll see... I'm also trying to overcome the one problem I ran into with my old water to air... on a hot day with it hot after driving a while and say you go to meet up with some bitches and park it for 30mins, when you get back in and start it the whole water system would be heat soaked because it was all in the engine bay. Took like 10-15 mins of driving around to get back to ambient temp area. Now I don't have to share air flow and heat soak with the rad and engine bay. I'm also going to use a water tank this time. Yall's air to air intercoolers dont get good airflow when you're sideways anyway. Engine bay right now. The a2w ic im using right now is WAY bigger than my previous one. Got some ae86 t3 rear coilovers cheap and made them work with longer shocks because with the shocks that came with them I was basically sitting on the bump stops right away. shock that came with them vs the bigger ford focus shock On a side note I can't believe they charge $600 for the ae86 rear overs brand new, that's rape. Glad I got them used. Still looks like a piece. Fixed up a ls400 for my mom, and the other cress is my parts car/tire storage bin. And yea I tend to over complicate things, my biggest enemy is myself hah, it makes it so hard. I have to have this car driving every day so at least that makes it so I always have to be finished whatever I'm planning by the time monday comes around. If I ever had a garage to just do a build in, it would go on for a life time.
  9. gameface

    Stopping power, LS400 calipers on X8

    nice work man
  10. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Yea I was thinking the same thing about that for having it in the intake pipe. Maybe I'll get a 2nd sensor for the emanage and put it in the charge pipe so I can monitor actual iats. Also not that I know of... but I havent checked for codes because no cel... I actually wasn't sure if my cel was even working until I got my launch control working, it throws a cel for the misfiring from launch control and then goes away right after. What do you mean by sub tps? the ects tps sensor? I dont have any of my ects stuff hooked up(pulled the wiring out since my harness was chopped) and it doesnt seem to care. I am using the ecus output to control the fuel pump relay though. If I remember and get a chance Ill try to check but if it would throw any faults id bet something for the ects... but I might not even have all the wires hooked up to the diag box but I can always jump it at the ecu I guess. Mines a auto ecu.
  11. Heat exchanger for my water to air ic system
  12. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Night vid of launch control..... FIRE! Also here is the revised airflow output map after a little more tweaking - mostly low rpm lugging area(high load). I did change some output in the boost region but mostly because I couldn't stand it being that rich that it was lacking power on low rpm boost or tip in boost. Its rich for the most part but I'm just gonna set it at like 4.5 volts for higher rpm boost and just tweak the timing and injector duty by those maps. I'm gonna be putting in bigger injectors anyways but I wanted the low rpm regions to act like stock since the airflow voltage is the load signal for the toyota ecu it uses it for entering lean burn mode and for timing. Been getting 25mpg consistently with this map. I'm gonna continue tweaking my output map but I'm putting on my other turbo so it might alter some of my outputs in comparison to using the stock turbo. Also found out gm open element iats have basically the same resistance as the toyota iats... so gonna put one in my charge cold side or intake pipe.... undecided which one but probably the cold side.
  13. gameface

    apexi powerfc 1jz-gte vvti jzx100

    you can still buy jzx100 pfcs new
  14. gameface

    apexi powerfc 1jz-gte vvti jzx100

    yea.... we could buy a new one for $800
  15. gameface

    mx72 swap 1jz help

    Fuck off francophone faggot, not to be prejudice against french speaking canadians just the dumb fucks who feel its necessary to neglect Canada's primary language, English. I speak English and french - tu et une faggot. Maybe next time read the rules, make an intro and dont be a whiney quebecious.
  16. gameface

    mx72 swap 1jz help

    i really wish quebec would actually separate from canada
  17. gameface

    X7 Strut Rod/Idler Arm Bushings

    Well technotoytuning makes a adjustable strut rod that solid mounts and gets rid of the bushing. I think its energy suspension or white line or something that makes a poly bushing http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/products.asp?cat=Toyota+Cressida+1986 ps dont buy the upper/lower trailing arm bushings from there, they dont actually fit anything on a x7
  18. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    I think the tomei elbow is a good piece but I didn't like how it goes to that little outlet. I never ran the stock turbo outlet so I don't know what gains are had, when I got the hpi dp I was planning on doing a tomei turbo but plans changed. pm sent
  19. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Im gonna be taking off my hpi downpipe and selling it soon, probably cheaper than tomei and its a actual 3" downpipe rather than just a elbow it replaces the elbow and catalyst pipe on jzx100s. Depends on what sort of time frame you are looking at though.
  20. gameface

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    nice work with the upper control arm it looks pretty sick
  21. Its to cool his brake fluid reservoir guys, obviously he took our criticism and used it, thanks to us he will benefit from it by retaining braking ability and by not turning his car into a mobile fire ball the moment the wastegate opens.
  22. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Gotta get a night vid with launch so you can see fire but this is the greddy launch control
  23. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Yea its still not really perfect yet so definitely time consuming but to plug in the initial numbers from datalogs was pretty easy, I've been running around with my bov to atmospere for at least a couple weeks but ive been fine tuning the voltage outputs for better mileage and driveability. Basically I took a few datalogs and saved them. You can open them up after and chose parameters rpm - airflow voltage - pressure sensor - afr then save the file as a text file... open text fie and go to the edit - find and just plug in the rpm you want and toggle through all the recorded values(use hotkey for finding) - or scroll through whatever is prefered and plug in the voltage on the airflow output map - this is probably the more time consuming part I did it over the span of a week and slowly filled out the airflow output a little bit each evening. After getting it running on the output map I opened up my bov, I had the adjustment fully tighted to keep it closed until I got it running on map. The factory ecu was none the wiser. After that it was pretty much datalog and adjust output volts here and there and going into industrial zones in the middle of the night on weekends and driving around and adjusting, maybe sometimes playing with launch control and doing burnouts or launches. I still have to get someone to record my loud launch control, pretty sure there are flames because sounds like gun shots and crazy shit.
  24. gameface

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Took a little longer but I'm pretty picky. So basically Its adjusted for drive ability and gas mileage so far since that's basically the most important thing for me because I daily my pos cressida. My gas mileage went from 17mpgish to 25 and it only has a couple spots that need work but I don't have any bogging or anything like that and my cruise afrs range from 17:1-20:1 and I'm comfortable with that(allows cruise with wider throttle opening for less pumping losses) and its toyotas lean burn mode anyway. I'm using a innovate lc1 that's hooked up to the emanage and also to the jzx100 ecu sending a narrow band signal. I only have 5 rows for boost because I plan on using the injector maps to actually adjust it since there is 2 injector tables - 1 for boost - 1 for no boost and I wanted to work with the factory ecu to keep good drive ability that being said the bins are just taken from my initial data logs so its a little rich imo. Yea its in kpa - deal with it Also just because it works on mine doesn't mean it will work for someone else although it should this is mostly for reference so use at your own discretion.
  25. gameface

    1JZ-GTE VVT-i vs 1JZ-GTE

    getting 25mpg w/ 4.11s and lots of tire spinning, i cant complain haven't even put the big turbo i have sitting around on yet