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    WTB LSD (not the drug kind)

    I wasn't particularly hinting at doing a celica supra diff, was suggestion looking at the celica supra forums for information on the locker because you didn't believe, while its here too they have a big thread on it. Celica supra diff isn't any stronger. I watch the celica supra forums for parts also and have picked up a diff from there 4.11 lsd for $50.
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    looks like a jz oilpan
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    Electrical issue, Checked fuses, No avail. HALP!

    theres still a better solution than electrical tape in situations like that, theres a industrial type tape they use to seal large connections, even under water kinda like electrical tape only more like rubber that bonds to itself... ill see if I can find my roll of the stuff and get the name
  4. Some vids from friday night Then this weak launch... my buddy turned the vid off just before the good part After that I slid around a couple of the beams probably roughly two 360s and as I was letting off, BANG- BAM then I was like uhh whatever - still laughing from the donuts, drove it around a little and got away from the area incase security came and tires would lock up on turns and loud bangs from the diff, on decel sounded like it was eating itself. So basically destroyed my diff, was able to limp it home but I had to drive across the city my friends drove behind with their 4 ways on, while cruising it didn't sound too bad so I kept going and it being 3am it was a pretty smooth drive home. Unfortanitly it was my one 3.73 gear diff, still have to open it up and see what happened but I swapped in one of my 4.11 diffs on saturday. Hopefully the gears are salvageable but we'll see. Kind of liked the fun of 4.11s more. I was going to do injectors and boost controller next but I think I should at least upgrade the diff before trying for anymore power or I'll just keep wrecking them. Other than that I ran my water lines for the IC and just have to wire up the pumps and fans.
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    Electrical issue, Checked fuses, No avail. HALP!

    yea 2nd what gordo said, electrical tape doesnt seal shit and its not like heat shrink + heat gun is expensive
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    Electrical issue, Checked fuses, No avail. HALP!

    those plugs that aren't plugged in couldn't possibly be for anything first of all its possible a relay isn't being triggered, like for example if one of those plugs powers a relay in the interior or something seriously though check from the power wire for one of those components to the unplugged connects, if nothing check pins at the body plug try and find a wire diagram and look at the circuit before fucking around and wasting time
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    WTB LSD (not the drug kind)

    Do reading celica supras have the same rear diff, if you gonna go for higher power start stocking up on diffs and upgrade one like suggested. I just exploded my lsd 3.73 diff the other night, wasn't hard to do, just sliding around some pillars and let off the gas and BANG.
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    Wiring.... how do I approach? 2jz gte aristo / vvti mx83

    first fully charge your battery, then dip your hands in water, grab a 18mm wrench and hold it firmly and press it onto the positive and negative post at the same time, enjoy
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    Trap Star 1JZ-GTE UCF20 build.

    Probably my favorite car on here and now with a vvti its exactly what I'd want to do with a ls400, after x7s get too hard to find ls400 is what I want. Sick downpipe too, wish I could have done that instead of getting raped buying a downpipe. Nice work, VVTi will be fun.
  10. Gonna bump this once then putting on eBay after a bit
  11. JZX100HPI 3" downpipe, looking for around $375+ shipping, boxed up and ready to go. Fit mint on a mx73. just water inside from washing Stock turbo parts for sale... make offer on whatever you want.... the turbo is fucked up, lots of play, and this...
  12. Muffler might be a idea, might smooth out the sound nicely too plus a bit quieter Kyle - yea was thinking worst case or maybe power fc at some point when I did it... thought I had a better pic but here is the junction - orange is ign, blue is maf and air temp, purple for injectors - for all of the intercepted signals > from toyota ecm connectors are female - connectors to engine wiring are male and for the emanage the inputs from the toyota ecm are male - outputs female... so basically the emanage is plugged in between and can be taken out of the loop easy. For power and sampled signals and such it is hard wired but it can just be unplugged. (or the opposite for the connector types, dont remember) I took out my evaporator so the glove box and my harness is out if more pics are wanted... been too busy to reinstall the glove box.
  13. Yea I considered piping it into the exhaust and might still happen but atm loving the screamer pipe... its not super loud inside but pretty sure it explodes peoples ear drums as I pass them. Pretty sure it would be much louder with a straighter pipe and maybe less pleasing to hear but haven't tried it yet. I also was expecting my car to be way louder with the bigger turbo but it is like prius quiet now even with basically straight piped exhaust. On the hwy the other day I cruised past a fag wearing gloves in a late 2000 something loud mustang and he felt the need to step on in, needless to say he was surprised. Sorry my dump pipe is so complicated. I just wanted it positioned so I could pull it off from up top without jacking it up and put it back on easily + a few bends to dampen the noise. I think there was little range it could be positioned in and still be able to unbolt from the top. Luckily I did that because I had to pull it off shortly after getting it going because I found out pretty quickly that I forgot the valve seat for the gate after getting it running. Think it took me maybe 10 mins. I might change it again since it was pretty cheap and easy to make but who cares. I guess I shouldn't show pics of how I made my harness for emanage because its over complicated too, I got a bunch of nice connectors and basically made it so I could unplug the emanage inputs and outputs and plug everything back in to run stock electronics.
  14. So I spent the weekend working on my buddies imported wrx doing a clutch and lightweight flywheel so didn't really do much on my car. Really easy car to do a clutch, take off down pipe, front driveshaft, linkage, crossmembers and some little bits and it slides back and down far enough to get in and do everything even with room for torquing flywheel bolts. Still have to fix some exhaust stuff on it, oh well money in the bank. Plus hes going to pay my autoX reg fee this saturday so maybe ill get some vids taken if I dont get kicked off for sliding around and my loud open gate dump. Stayed late at work today to put on new inner/outer tie rods... I used driver side inner on the pass side to delete the gay ass steering shock. Also finally used my coilovers and lowered the car then did an alignment. And did an oil change not that, that matters. Yea car looks pretty clean huh, well I washed that shit and the engine bay and underbody but I forgot to take a pic of the engine bay. Rest of the exhaust that I forgot to show a picture off no big deal I put the leather interior out of my parts car into my car a while back, better than faded red valour(pink) How the car looks right now... 1/4 panel from N.O.DRIFTER
  15. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    was it your buddy that says bro all the time that cracked them? Yea runs a little better now. They normally fill combustion chambers with oil for storage, I used a shop vac to suck as much oil out as I could. I couldn't see the piston shining a light down the plug hole there was so much oil lol.
  16. It'll be good for anyone wanting to stick with the stock style turbo or do a tomei... Originally why I got this I thought its better value than the elbows which are almost 300 for just that little bit and this doesn't have to go to the shitty 3 bolt flange like the elbows. I got fitment pics in my build thread on a x7. Also have stuff like the MAF sensor and what not that I can sell. Stock elbow and catalyst pipe other stock vvti 1jz bits that normally get thrown out which is whats gonna happen soon to most of it
  17. Yea ill clean it and my car at some point and maybe take pics. Never even thought of the dump looking like a trumpet minus the bell mouth... Don't think I'll make it more trumpet like though, maybe something to quiet it down or maybe not, I love the sound but its pretty crazy sounding and crazy loud when it has something to reflect off of.
  18. Oh yea and I also did front ground control sleeves and mr2 adjustable kyb agx shocks... modded the housings and painted them to make them look all nice but forgot to take pics because I was in a rush so I could drive my car the next day.
  19. I guess we'll find out how well it works soon enough. If any one is interested heres a article from vortech on charge coolers with info on water to airs thermal efficiency vs air to air http://www.vortechsuperchargers.com/pdf/papers/cooler_paper.pdf they are focused on superchargers but the same rule applies to turbos A while back I picked up Kyles holset setup and I finally got all the piping and stuff I needed to put on the holset turbo stuff, just had to mod the elbow I got from him and make a downpipe, make some piping from the muffler to the downpipe and the wastegate dump. I wanted to add a few bends to the dump pipe to hopefully quiet it down a bit... yea didn't really help its still crazy loud. I decided to try a little crazier heat shielding than just wrapping with typical exhaust tape since my harness runs right over the downpipe, vacuum gay ass hvac controls, and heater hoses right there, brake line a little farther down the firewall... turned out to work pretty good, can put my hand on the downpipe after beating on it. I did a pretty shitty job of making it look nice but if it deteriorates or something then I'll just re do it better. Oh yea guess I never mentioned that I put a emanage ultimate on it and used that to delete my MAF... and to use for future fuel control. Moved my bov to the cold side charge pipe - the bov is actually a vortech bypass/bov, I didn't get it for sound but this thing can let out a lot of air in a hurry so it works for me. I mounted a gm IAT in the cold side charge pipe too so I have a IAT signal for the ecu and emanage, gm iats are very close resistance patterns as the toyotas, I measured within 1k ohm difference at 25c. When I removed the stock vvti turbo I found out it was totally fucked up... lots of play obviously and also wore into the compressor outlet Still a really dirty engine bay dump from outside
  20. It is entertaining seeing something different and overall its pretty well done. Not like they have a rbxproject lol.
  21. The cyl that will flow best from gate position is also the cyl that tends to run leaner than other cyls because of front facing intake manifold but to be fair the gate is over the turbo outlet so we'll see. Audi in the 80s/90s on the 5cyl turbo had an external gate that either favored 1 cyl or 2 cyl, numerous manifold designs for that motor but they still had the gate like that. Probably others designed like that too, not much choice on a shitty log manifold.
  22. gameface

    1jz vvti to MX73 Wiring....confusion?

    http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=9248 posted a thread with the x100 service manual that has ewd in it, Also japanese ewd. pin out diagrams from x100 ecu are easy to find some stuff on x73 body plug http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=7048 http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=4940 other than that you have to hook up power to shit from the fusebox and mrel and and maybe other stuff idk should be pretty easy with a uncut harness
  23. Russian x100 service manual view http://www.mediafire.com/download/g1h3ubajvpgviu3/toyota_gx_jzx_100_repair_service_manual1996-2001.pdf download http://www.mediafire.com/download/g1h3ubajvpgviu3/toyota_gx_jzx_100_repair_service_manual1996-2001.pdf Japanese x100 EWD view http://www.mediafire.com/view/2xrzv2f8h12yxha/chaser.pdf download http://www.mediafire.com/download/2xrzv2f8h12yxha/chaser.pdf
  24. I had two bosch pumps laying around, old 1 gallon fuel cell, a couple big fans and my buddy donated his big ic and rad. I'm fond of water to air so that part probably isn't going to change it isn't that complicated and the short piping effect is worth it. Worst case it doesn't work out. My shitty setup on the 5m turbo was able to maintain near ambient under boost with the shitty ct26 with a heat exchanger a 1/4 of the size. Most drag racers dont have a heat exchanger just a icebox and that's where the shitty myths about water to air systems come from but if it works for factory audis making 600hp then it should work for me. Yea my engine bay looks pretty shitty. I had no coolant res so it was just spraying everywhere for a while but I've yet to wash it or the car yet.