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    5spd swappin

    then next thread... "5speed swap how to wire up reverse lights" kyle your story reminds me of some of the parts guys at work on a daily basis, normally end up having to go and point out the part if it isn't a oil filter or drain plug. Might as well be a parts guy and tech then I can get the right parts. also clever tool gordo I normally just hold the crank from the front though
  2. So finally got bored of just driving the ls400, comfortable but fucking boring driving a stock car.... so started checking some voltages and grounds, sensor, wiring shit.... and was basically like wtf... in my fucking around I loaded a different tune then it started up and ran fine... so I guess maybe my comp fucked up while loading a tune to the emanage before or something and didn't load the output map or somehow glitched it because basically it was just a static output of 1.2v and after loading an old tune it ran perfect. Fucking gay Oh yea been thinking about that rear end solution and for now gonna weld a diff and solid spacer to beat on the cressida next summer but I think im gonna switch to a LS400 - like switch the engine over and shit. The LS400 I have right now is a ucf10 and I kinda like the looks and size of them more than x8s and it would be cheaper than importing a car or all the work and money to do a quick change or solid axle.
  3. gameface

    X7 7mgte swap

    I think its a pretty good idea, build a x7, put in 7mgte, multiple other things one shouldn't do. Just make all the mistakes in one car so you don't do it again.
  4. gameface

    jzx100 r154 ECU 1jz vvti

    Are you fucking retarded, powerfc is plug and play. Uses factory sensors, plugs into factory ecu connectors.
  5. gameface

    jzx100 r154 ECU 1jz vvti

    http://www.nengun.com/apexi/power-fc-new-version-hand-controller $857
  6. gameface

    jzx100 r154 ECU 1jz vvti

    actually you can get a brand new power fc for x100 for $800ish retard
  7. gameface

    jzx100 r154 ECU 1jz vvti

    i have to agree with discoshit, get fucked if people want a real 5mt ecu they should buy a pfc for 600 more than your pos stock ecu that doesnt function any differently than a auto
  8. Yea I've been worse places already... general manager is changing so im holding out to see if anything gets fixed and if not... well ill be saving my money.
  9. gameface

    from housewife to pick-a-pull

    Shitty deals man, I get the same thing from my boss that working on high end cars is a privilege so they pay less and on flat rate but on flat rate it costs a lot more time and effort. People tell me "grass isn't always greener" but that doesn't mean you should put up with being taken advantage of! It'll turn out good for you man gl.
  10. I did get mine used so who knows what happened before lol
  11. Well when trying to drive it basically there was no fuel, the emanage was telling me that it was sending out x voltage but it was definitely not, it seemed to be just a static voltage. Checked a bunch of stuff like tps, injector wiring etc. I still have a bit more checking to do if it isn't the driver then its in the circuitry but everything else seemed to be working fine with the emanage. I got more checking to do this weekend, its possible somehow the emanage got bugged or something but when it started acting up I hadn't been messing with it either or maybe there's something weird. I can make the car driveable just with putting on the stock maf if I need to.
  12. welp my emanage died... still gonna mess with it more but, plugged in stock it runs fine... seems to be the airflow output driver got fried I guess I'll be going stand alone, oh well was kind of annoying tuning the airflow output map anyway Also got a DD ls400 now, got it for free... the one I fixed up for my mom, she wanted a gmc 4x4 more apparently. Whatever! Considering swapping everything over or just using the ls for a tow vehicle and keep as a dd. So this probably concludes my spending on the cressida for the year... got other priorities right now l'm working as a apprentice at a audi dealer atm on flat rate with a pretty low dollar amount per hour. I make hours sometimes so it would be ok with a good rate. I have to do Diag, engine rebuilds and r&r, disassemble trans and reassemble, fix other peoples returns and yet I'm not allowed to do PDIs because I'm an apprentice. Have to work beside a huge douchebag, lots of bad attitudes and selfishness/greed from some other audi techs.That's my venting for now, don't want to go on about it. Anyway gonna build a cushion and if things don't change for the better I think relocating out of my shitty city would be fantastic whether I stay in the trade or not... This experience is definitely making me a little sour about working in the trade but I want to get my journeyman/red seal at the very least. I do enjoy the part where I'm working on cars still but not the other stuff/drama and shit.
  13. gameface

    jzx100 r154 ECU 1jz vvti

    $50 shipped
  14. gameface

    flying couch (chronic)les

    ct26 has a different flange pretty sure... never tried personally though just by look the ct15b ex inlet is smaller Just align the vvti cam gear like normal, without oil pressure itll be loose and move 30ish degrees either way. Even without a working solenoid it will be at standard timing when started. The gear face itself doesn't move from its timed position so don't worry about the loose part - its just the adjustment range. For marks it looks like yours are already marked in your first post. Crank sprocket also has an obvious cast in marking. After timing it turn it over a handful of cycles to be sure there's no v 2 p contact.< obligatory disclaimer
  15. gameface

    from housewife to pick-a-pull

    Guess II misread that but they do look awesome
  16. gameface

    from housewife to pick-a-pull

    they look pretty good for free wheels!
  17. Im starting to seriously consider it. Lots of replacement parts for good prices, cheap gear change, durable. Just a bit more costly to get into. In my searching saw this in a 240
  18. Yea what I was doing wrong was looking on eBay.ca instead of .com. Some pretty sick affordable ones, the open axle with inboard rotor/caliper is neat. Some of them have some pretty old brake setups on them. Nice thing is most of the short ones are around 56" which is perfect. Idk about using a open axle one or if they can be moded with axle tubes.
  19. I do fancy the idea of a quick change in solid axle format under my car... can just swap the spots of the two gears to go from race mode to eco cruise mode. Lol. Best thing ever $70 gear changes. I don't know enough about quick changes to just up and do one though. Only concern would be the noise of the straight cut gears since atm I daily it. The initial cost to get a new one is fucking massive.... I think the ideal one would be the "street rod" application with the big bearing ford end/axles and 4.5 inch 5 lug. I saw for oval track apps they have a funky hub deal and bolt on rotor. I have more learning to do about them before considering it seriously. Theres one on ebay right now with a cut tube - lol. Also looks like the spool quick changes are a lot cheaper but I do want some give for street. Found it funny they charge a extra $1000 for a polished unit. I looked at the s13 subframe into ae86... man that's a lot of work. I thought about stuff like that but with x8 stuff or something. I figure to stay away from heavy body mods so I can swap to a new chassis without doing a lot of fab.. my current chassis has some rust problems and is far from a mint unit. I want to see if its possible to mount a solid rear off the factory rear subframe with a decently low ride height. But I have to figure out how long of links that I can fit and if that's even long enough and if I'd be able to get the upper links to mount high enough. I'm gonna put it on the drive on hoist to measure/take pics and see what room I have to work with and estimate where a solid axle would sit.
  20. buy my hpi dp! Thanks gordo I'm gonna think about it. I'm consider trying something else for the rear end... I'll talk about it so people can tell me I'm an idiot or criticize it but it seems like the logical thing to do. So anyway I thought about mounting a different independent in the car but with how the subframes are its not really possible without way too much work... so basically the options that I see are stay stock diff and just upgrade what I can and replace stuff as it breaks... some shit is kinda expensive like buying 5 lug stubs is 400 or something. I hate the trailing arm setup on x7. I was thinking about doing a ford 8.8... solid axle... easiest way to fix some of x7s suspension problems and rear end durability problems, also makes dual caliper setup, 5 lug, brake upgrade easier/cheaper to do. Maybe triangulated 4 link off the factory front subframe would probably be easiest. Cheap and readily available parts. Might be difficult to do the uppers off the subframe but I have to look it over and think it out. Also the problem of if there is room for a moving around driveshaft(obviously the stock loop is too small) I still have 3 more diffs to go so we'll see plenty of time to think it out. My goal is around 500hp but will probably settle for whats possible on pump gas. I also regularly abuse the car, drag, slides, autox. So might be an idea to plan ahead. Maybe should cut my loses and just import a crown or jzx
  21. well its not like i planned it out, grown kind of fond of x7s though how much for the torsen?
  22. I want to try solid pinion spacer + weld and see how that goes on one of them.
  23. Yea. Too bad that's not very common didn't even consider gx71 an option. I like joes solution but I hate x7s suspension. And after the diff start breaking axle stubs. I got ideas but still have 3 more diffs to go. I'm thinking 5 lug, dual calipers, no more worries, would be nice.