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    mx83 best conversion for drifting

    gordo, looks like a elevator wiring diagram also best swap is swapping your cressida for a prius - aka undercover drift machine
  2. gameface

    Drift motion Turbo kit reveiws

    4drspra just start another thread for that in ground hogs day instead of thread jacking I think their prices are decent and would have considered one if they had for a vvti 1jz. Or get everything besides turbo then get a holset.
  3. gameface

    internet jerks i need info

    you're so sensitive
  4. gameface

    internet jerks i need info

    this guy should buy a fucking bicycle He might be able to fix one, he can get his part getting self some exercise, and he would be on some bicycle forum asking hour to install training wheels instead of bothering us. Seriously tho, look at a wiring diagram, ground switched by a relay controlled by the antitheft comp? If not find the short to ground. etc
  5. gameface

    internet jerks i need info

    also after that, take out your steering rack, then put it back in, just to see what it does
  6. gameface

    internet jerks i need info

    probably broke a little bit of clock spring or something, can you turn the wheel the same distance to each side from center?
  7. gameface

    X7 Build Help

    stop posting faggot
  8. gameface

    So I don't know shit about X7's

    QA1 shock/coilover for the rear would be a good option
  9. gameface

    So I don't know shit about X7's

    wasnt talking about your method, instead of doing what i did get ma60 technotoytuning rear coilovers, and raptor racing ma60 front short stroke shock spacers t3 front gc kit for mx73 and camber plate stuff if you want mr2 kyb agx rear shock inserts but that's if you're like me and despise the separate coil and shock setup of bc, megan, other taiwan coilovers but also note t3 will rape you for the rear coilovers, all it is, is another gc coil setup, a custom top hat, industrial split collars, and some o rings on a $50 shock and serialnine is gay
  10. gameface

    So I don't know shit about X7's

    its easier if you just buy the stuff, I did what I did to save money
  11. gameface

    So I don't know shit about X7's

    I'm using gc front coilovers with 12kg springs, mr2 rear kyb agx's for inserts with shortened ae86 short stroke shock spacers Rear I got a used ae86 rear t3 coilover conversion and used rear ford focus kyb agx's that I modded to work(minor grinding). Using with 7kg springs in the rear which after the motion ratio end up being = to 10kg. The rear setup from Technotoytuning for MA61s will work on the x7, I worked with the used ae86 ones because same shit other than the shocks and I wanted to save some money because t3 will rape charge your for the rear coilover conversion. I wasn't interested in a setup with the rear shock and spring being separate.
  12. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    your fabricator cant make flanges? tell him to man up
  13. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    man up and buy it
  14. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    get the tomei turbo and this its a kazama manifold for vvti 1jz w/ stock turbo They tomei manifold was ok, they have another one in development but its cast type
  15. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    New stainless will smoke white first of all And also take off the turbo outlet, bet you the compressor has worn into the outlet path And why would you tear the engine apart when you haven't even checked compression? Keep listening too all the Cressida nation champs too
  16. Yea the ls is a big car, not sure how far I'll go on it for saving weight. I have to find somewhere to weigh it lol. I don't know if the elevator thing will be forever or what but for now its good. Electrician would be good definitely considered that before all what happened. I wanted to save the desk job thing for a little later in life, might go to uni for engineering or something. Although so far the elevator deal is pretty laid back compared to working in a flat rate shop so I can't complain.
  17. Yea I didn't even know about the elevator mechanic thing until my friend told me, mechanics rate is $41 an hour... wtf... for working on elevators and generators and shit, never even thought or heard of it until my friend invited me. It sounds like its hard to get into though basically have to know someone in the trade, my friend is head of the union so that helped. So far everything is a lot simpler than working on cars, makes me feel like a sucker for working on cars for so long and going to school but I don't regret it. Yea I think in the LS ill do 4" all the way if I can or as far as I can then dual 3" hucker if you're in a shop, consider doing the elevator trade! After you get done your apprenticeship stuff you don't have to work beside assholes as often. And flat rate, fuck that shit! Never again.
  18. Guess I never posted any pics of the clean engine bay... thought I did. Oh well here we go. And this concludes this car. Had to put a stop to spending on a $300 car at some point, luckily kept most of the money in the drivetrain so it could be moved to a different car. I'm planning on swapping it into my 92 ls400 ASAP but depends on available funds and if I can be without transportation and just take public transportation or buy a beater.. I recently left my job with audi as a apprentice technician, went out with a big bang because I'm the type of person that doesn't really complain about trivial or even somewhat major things and what not, then I snapped and quit. I got a job starting in the elevator constructor trade recently which starts already at 50% of a elevator mechanics pay then gets bumped up to 70% in some time until I finish the apprenticeship or start doing mechanic duties. I'd recommend this trade to anyone that's in automotive or at least look into it, trust me, there's more than the pay that's good. I'll be selling any of my x7 aftermarket parts, so coilovers front and rear... also gonna be selling my emanage and stock x100 ecu
  19. gameface

    No +B in X8?

    probably, you can check to see how hot it gets compared to other similar relays and what the resistance gets to after use and compare to a good one or specs if you have either typical resistance for the control coil is around 80 ohm in most relays iirc
  20. gameface

    1uz conversion

    there's a program to help people like you its called special ed, and you get to ride the short bus
  21. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    i had 12k front 10k rear with ground controls and I liked the ride, stiff for sure but not overly
  22. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    lol at the solder job.... when in doubt just add more solder right? retard also agree op is a faggot... since I'm on that faggot cressida club on fb for entertainment I saw him posting and boasting about his shit the whole time he was "building" it. Does your boyfriend hold your dick when you take a piss? Just like how we held your hand and helped build your car. Next ad you make should have "built with the help of jzxproject"
  23. gameface

    a340e issues

    those boxes are a dime a dozen, i gave mine away for free, so get another one and put it in, then maybe worry about fixing yours surprised you were able to find the internet
  24. gameface

    another x83 with a 2jz

    sell those wheels and put the stock ones back on