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    1jz vvti wont idle.

    Maybe leave it connected and turn up the idle with the adjustment on the tb retard, I'm guessing it's a auto ecu so chances are drag on the engine has changed a bit.
  2. gameface

    No start problem

    no you're wrong, its probably the alternator
  3. gameface

    useful zenki UCF20 links/forums ...do they even exist?

    Water to air is pretty effective if you got a good pump or pumps and a good heat exchanger but also a good sized intercooler, but that's hard to achieve with most sc setups with the plate style ic under it. Maf can't read pressure so it throws off air metering in push setups.
  4. gameface

    useful zenki UCF20 links/forums ...do they even exist?

    Jz is almost bolt in to a ls, my jzx100 mounts are 1 inch from bolting in to a ucf10, probably sc300 brackets and mounts it would bolt in with some hammering on the firewall. Dunno about trans mount. I'm setting the engine back a little further though.
  5. gameface

    useful zenki UCF20 links/forums ...do they even exist?

    so all them carriers should interchange, I'll have to look out for a cheap sc300 lsd carrier/diff and give it a try
  6. gameface

    useful zenki UCF20 links/forums ...do they even exist?

    From my understanding ls400s are 8 3/4" diffs but not much material on anyone trying to swap internals from a mk4 diff or sc300/400 diff. Some stuff on swapping in the whole mk4 housing and switching the ls400 rear cover onto it and just modding the subframe to accept the 2 supra front mounts. To confirm that I guess we could look up the diff code on that database thing for the size and gearing? Lexus owners are basically a bunch of limp dick old farts or hipster 12 year olds that have a hard on for "stance". So you won't find any info on turboing from them other than the aforementioned gayness. Mostly the good turboed uz's are in other cars like supras and god forbid s13s. Kind of a shit car to do a manual conversion to, seems like they packed every single control module and fuse where you would normally put a clutch pedal.
  7. gameface


    Fuck give it a rest leave s9 shit out of his build thread at least. Make a thread if it makes your guys dicks that hard.
  8. Test fitting with jzx100 mounts Pretty close but get stopped by the coolant pipe that wraps around the back of the motor and the firewall even after a bit of hammering. lots of room for fun and activities in front of the engine I think what I'm going to do is recess the firewall, the other option would be using sc300 mount brackets which are offset about an inch to one side. I would be happy setting it back though, little better handling, shifter farther back etc. I never liked the firewall anyway.
  9. I will probably be doing a ati whenever buying a $500 pulley is convenient. I'm still trying to make up my mind for pedals and was favoring a floor mount box. There is a huge fuse/junction box and some control modules where a clutch pedal would normally go. It would take some work to relocate that if I was going to do a firewall mounted deal. Floor mount might work good for me because I want to move the seating position back a ways for more knee room. I was driving the lexus for most of the winter while I was looking to buy another car and ended up buying a 02 protege5 with a lot of rust and low kms for 800. Was waiting on parts for probably a month. Then the lexus' timing belt snapped, so had to put temp tags on the mazda for a month and drive it to work so that left me with only a few weekends to cut out and replace both 1/4 panels and repair the rusted out wheel wells and trunk bottoms. you can see some of the holes i had to fix in the wheel well but there was another one that was about 6x6". I'd have to recommend NEVER BUY A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT MAZDA, apparently they did a terrible job with recycled metal and never reached a appropriate temp to purify the metal so we end up with this shit
  10. Good idea I would do states or canada
  11. gameface

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    Not to step on anyones toes but I'm also gonna be selling my emange in a little while with the map sensor and univ harness. I already have the MAF delete working... if you buy demesios I will also give you my tune file, which will need some tweaking since I lost my good file but its driveable with this one, I would start tweaking with stock injectors before you put in big injectors though that way you have a good base line since you are just changing % and you need a wide band to tweak it. All you'd be doing is changing the output V a minor amount in a few places on the map. IIRC it would hit fuel cut around 4000rpm because the output voltage was a bit too high so that would be one thing(it was rich too). Either way just send me a msg if you get a emanage and want the tune file, oh yea its also posted on this side in the emanage thread iirc so you could always just use that as a start, u don't need a maf to tweak it just a wide band and getting to know the limits of the ecu ex below a certain voltage at part throttle ecu jumps into lean mode for cruising. I used speed output from the inst cluster to the emanage My IAC never worked and it started in -50c, and started all winter, summer too of course Also I have a hpi downpipe if you want that, I only want 300 for that Emanage launch control is pretty awesome too pew pew
  12. gameface


    I don't have a problem with the parts themselves. And I agree to disagree because drama is gay. Winnipeg fucking blows, everyone knows that.
  13. Move to canada it's better here anyway. Then you can import as many 15 yr old cars as you want.
  14. gameface


    Yea that's right. I have s9 coilover stuff I never used. Did ground control and agx instead. Also car wasn't a 5m but vvti 1jz
  15. Well ever see any of the things on the traffic in japan? Might not be high miles but it's gonna have a lot of ass miles, we're talking Like morethan a milli. Lots of ass sweat in those cars, hence the smell. Enjoy
  16. The americans(nazi border patrol) will let you back with that? Because I heard of cars getting confiscated and maybe crushed based on intent of selling, maybe other dynamics to that like the car being a cocaine stash but I couldn't say since its hear say. There are some guides out there on brokering/importing the car yourself, what forms you have to fill out for clearing customs and what not. Or you can hire someone to do that for you(importer), or import dealer. Your best bet is to do it through a importer to get the car landed safetied and registered before even coming to get it. Clean air, don't know what that is. I know bc has emissions testing is that what you're on about? Make sure you know how to get it across because if you are canadian bringing in a american car, you gotta have the bill of sale, registration, and import documents filled out and faxed to the border 72hrs ahead of time.
  17. gameface


    Yea yea you're the fucking victim now, cry more. Little bit different attitude than you had a few days ago dissing swims daily and telling him to get an aristo. Kyle never had a stick up his ass on a high horse attitude like you have had. He wasn't saying anything about how awesome he is, he just called you out for your own shit and s9 shit. It's great s9 makes parts for cressidas and all but your rep probably won't recover, and definitely not on jzxp. I swore off ordering anything from s9 when you guys had trouble responding to email, well that and the rep. Figure if you guys can drop communication in the middle of a short email exchange, probably wouldn't have a problem doing that after you get the money. Maybe you should stick to Cressida nation sounds like they are more your type. If you paid attention to the criticism here maybe you'd have a better product.
  18. Well he'll have to order 2 before he gets one, probably what he was thinking with that. Also Gordo for jzxp comedian of the year for the post on the last page there that's my un-useful contribution for like the 5th time today on jzxp
  19. gameface

    jzs147 running fucky

    Get some noid lights. They are great for making injector pulse visible and can be used for other stuff too. Multimeter kinda sucks for it but works. Even if you already checked that, they're a good investment.
  20. You can't do that they're secret fog lights!
  21. gameface

    jzs147 running fucky

    Yea little tip for the raging winter with no shelter... Portable electric heater and one of those tent like temp garages or make one with a insulated tarp. Snow is also a good insulator if you're just going under the car pack some snow around it and put a heater under with you. It'll still suck. Before wasting time on the fuel filter or pump I'd pull off the supply line and see how much it pumps out.
  22. gameface

    jzs147 running fucky

    Shut the fuck up gs73 you're the only faggot here using Chinese and possibly child labor to build your shitty looking body kits You don't even put out the volume for it to be worth it moving manufacturing overseas, especially with the shitty customer service and all. But yea fuck putting out a quality product when you can just get it made by China for the profit margins on your wavey crooked ass body kits
  23. gameface

    jzs147 running fucky

    The intake leak might be the main cause but One thing about IIRC most jz engines is the coolant temp sensor is reverse of the normal temp coefficient(so ptc) so when they fail open they read max hot instead of max cold(-40) and this causes a pretty big problem with cold starts even in hot weather but no starts in cold weather because the timing and fuel just aren't there. The temp sensor should be pretty cheap but to check it you'd have to make sure its the way I say it is then check resistance, itll probably be really high or just open. Fuel filter is a good thing to do either way.
  24. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    What a faggot, even 50 pages later
  25. gameface

    UZ swap manifold mods

    Why isn't there turbo flanges at the end of your guys manifolds?