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  1. gameface

    A testament to self loathing.

    Sounds sick, nice work.
  2. gameface

    1uz wiring guide?

    reverse lights are a pretty easy fucking thing how do i hook up a switch? is basically what youre asking
  3. gameface

    1971 Datsun 240Z holy jeebus res-erection.

    looks like you got some work to do, will be awesome
  4. gameface

    looking for your old coilovers

    im also looking for old coilovers for x73 fronts so if there is any sell to me and not that faggot
  5. gameface

    T3 weld in coilover install question

    shane i want to do what you did to your hood but to my whole car anyway I just bought a set of used ae86 rear t3 coilovers, not sure the ma60 t3 rear coilovers use the same shock but when I put them on and let the car down It pretty much sat on the bump stops... I wanted something a little closer to stock ride height and I happened to have previously purchased ford focus rear agx shocks to use with springs or something but hadn't used them yet so yea bigger one is the focus one I had a poly lower shock bushing I put in the focus shocks, a aluminum bushing came with the coilovers but the stock syle bushings and washers would work too but id use poly bushings the end under the threads has the same diameter as standard shocks but the treads are smaller fyi oh and I had to grind a little nib off the shock, you'll see if you have to do it part# Feels like a totally different car but now I can feel the rear subframe move around when I floor it, time for xm bushings. Figured I'd put this here rather than starting a new thread
  6. gameface

    1jz low idle, random stalling, no start.

    i still haven't changed my iac hahaha, someday
  7. gameface


    not really sure what to think but looks like shits getting done
  8. gameface

    Inconsistent AFR.

    probably wiring, what did you hook up each wire to I have a innovate lc1 wired in to stock shit and no problems even using the vvti 02heater supply and sending a false narrow band signal to the ecm. I'm sure aem isnt much different. Also vvti 1jz.
  9. gameface

    FS: 1991 Mark II GT (JZX81)

    i want to go in to debt for this
  10. gameface

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    looks good man, nice work
  11. gameface

    Im a strong little boy

    Yea there is like 7 ish wires to hook up on the one body plug, idk if you have to change the harness for wiring into the fuse box for ign, inj, etc power and ecu power/sensor power and i think mrel - my harness was all cut up so I basically wired it up however not sure if x100 fusebox is in the same place. I never used anything from the white body plug. If you don't want to cut up your 5m harness I used the body plug from a mk3 supra. Your 5m starter will work on the jz. Alternator wiring is basically the same just diffirent colors, you'll see when you look at the 5m diagram and the jz diagram, they use the same abbreviations, and the alternator is in the same place.
  12. gameface

    1.5JZ for sale. And i fucking hate it.

    shoulda posted it a week ago
  13. gameface

    MAF Question for 1JZ-VVTi

    just get a maf from a 96+
  14. gameface

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    was gonna say they look like old man welds how about some pics of your car?
  15. Hey guys just wondering if there is any market for or any interest in x7 frp 1/4 and wheel arch. At least in canada all the x7s rust all along the rear wheel arch and completely rust out at the bottoms. I'm picking up another x7 and plan on messing with fiberglass and was thinking why not make a mold and make more if there is interest and if I have success. Would you want a flared wheel arch or factory wheel arch? -flared would require aditional material for the issue of the door What sort of value you would you put on this sort of product? Not making any promises at this point.
  16. gameface

    X7 frp 1/4 & wheel arch interest?

    For flared I was thinking of doing a door skin for the door part , would like to work in the body line or something but gotta play with it. I want to fit 275s in the back. Was thinking of doing a lay over of the whole 1/4.
  17. It was local, dude everywhere there is junk rod knocking turbo mk3s, plenty of r154s to be had. My first r154 was from a junk supra i got for 350. If you buy a r154 online probably 1000.
  18. well i just picked up another r154 for 240.... so maybe try and find a good price r154 because 550 for a w58 is rape
  19. gameface

    So this sucks. Video inside.. HELP!

    Are you using ac? if not maybe relocate the alternater.... jzs have options for belts and pullies plus if you make it adjustable no problem.
  20. gameface

    So this sucks. Video inside.. HELP!

    Man you have to be the judge of his character and shit we can't do that for you if hes a certified welder and has xp with engine blocks, sounds good. Worst case you have to get a new block or have it repaired further, cast iron isn't the easiest thing to repair.
  21. gameface

    So this sucks. Video inside.. HELP!

    I would probably just tapper both edges on each piece on each end where its broken off(oil pan off) and weld. Basically the crack has to be completely gone, well should be... same concept as repairing a frame where you drill each end of the crack to stop it from progressing. The controlled cooling is a slow cool not flash cooling it, or it'll crack. Basically the whole end has to be preheated - but not too hot and slowly cooled by insulating it or something. You don't want the metal around the weld to cool faster than the weld. This doesn't have to be the whole block obviously, just metal near the weld. Jimmy's method would work but is pretty hardcore over kill, fastened and welded.
  22. gameface

    So this sucks. Video inside.. HELP!

    welding that wouldn't be that bad, it just has to be heated and controlled cool down so it doesn't end up cracking
  23. gameface

    Crankcase Ventilation / Catch Can Setups

    My thought about the oil leaks was if it was just to atmosphere, pcv to open waste gate dump tube. Because there would only be flow past the pcv outlet when its open - WOT. I haven't tried just venting to atmosphere. Also remember k.i.s.s. - keep it simple stupid Or You could do a trifecta of crank case ventilating power, intake manifold vacuum, exhaust pcv, and catch can. Or You could copy Audi crankcase/oil separator design, they maintain an almost constant 14 hg vacuum on the crankcase. Or You could dry sump it, pretty expensive pcv solution