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    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    I'm starting to play with emanage ult now. Having some fun with the USB driver on my 32 bit xp toughbook, I installed the driver but it still doesn't recognize it - still has the ? Mark in device mgr. I want to uninstall it but it won't do it automatically so I have to manually remove it enough do that I can try and reinstall. If anyone has any insight on removing that shit it would help, I've done it before I'm not a computer expert. Or if anyone had a similar xp with a fix.
  2. gameface

    Update on the X8

    Another faggot with a supra, big surprise there. Everyone knows supras are just dick magnets thats why faggots drive them. We have 1 girl member and now we have 1 special ed faggot member now too. Nothing wrong with that, cant change who you are, does make your writing pretty unpleasant to read though.
  3. gameface

    x7 trunk moisture?

    solution: Put your rad in the trunk Also other than the trunk seals - taillights - lower chrome trim is BOLTED down and it can leak at those holes - rusted out 1/4 panel will also let in moisture fyi.
  4. gameface

    XM JZ engine brackets not aligning

    Bolted on no problem for me, on a stock vvti 1jz I did have to notch the bracket for one of the turbo lines either oil feed or oil drain. It was pretty obvious though where they have to bolt up to and what was in the way.
  5. I think buying the supra for 800 for parts is a good idea, that's worth it for the r154 swap parts and diff and some electronics alone. Don't really think putting the 7mgte in your car is the greatest idea though. Having a turbo car is better than having a non turbo car though when it comes down to it with a 7mgte you'll just have to change head gaskets at the same intervals that you change oil, whatever. Damn soft heads.
  6. gameface


    Faggot, its one of the first results on google when you search for jzx100 diagrams and doesn't need to be mentioned. Also jzx100 hand written pin designations on paper is not= jzx110 diagrams.
  7. gameface

    Vvti 1jz problems

    maybe you have a vac leak/boost leak too but fix the bypass valve first
  8. gameface


  9. gameface

    Vvti 1jz problems

    If you do a atmospheric bov and it opens at idle your car will die/idle at 9:1 afr. I put one on because I'm going map but just have it fully closed full time until I switch over.
  10. gameface

    WTB: 1J A/C Compressor

    from vvti 1jz, comes with the electrical connector and pigtail also I guessed at 20 lbs for shipping - $56 for shipping how much you gonna pay? and if any americans have one to sell you itll probably be cheaper
  11. gameface

    Vvti 1jz problems

    The bov is controlled electronically with that solenoid beside it, not a perfect design really, I swear using it I only had boost half the time. I finally put an ic in my car and a bov, but I run the bov fully closed right now(or it doesn't run), and I had it cut out under boost like a fuel cut once since maybe it was a spike. The idle may be the iac but it should happen more frequently if it was. Mine doesn't idle up on start up because the iac is dead. There is a diaphragm that blocks boost from traveling through the iac piping though. On the jzx world forums the have a thread about modifying the factory bov to work more like a traditional bov.
  12. gameface

    WTB 1jz VVTI head

    1000 is a pretty good price man, go for it, damn wish I had money to pick up a vvti 1j head for that, good deal.
  13. gameface


    shut the fuck up faggot, follow the rules or fuck off
  14. gameface

    Project Grandpa Style !!!

    Should start stocking up on diffs though or do a locker in your current, as for the rest of the rear end it gets a little tougher if you want to fix the shit geometry and weak ass shit.
  15. Learn to do it yourself $500 plus is crazy, gonna be a $10,000 1jz swap up in this bitch(totally stock 1jz).
  16. gameface

    Project Grandpa Style !!!

    That's a big turbo, I think someone made like 600hp on a1jz with one. Nice choice on megasquirt. How much is the rent on the storage lockers? I was thinking about renting one for use as a garage but not sure what a good rate is.
  17. gameface

    Cusco Coilover Perches AE86.

    I'm thinking about it but i have no money right now, just so you know not all hope is lost.
  18. gameface

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    Well megasquirt isn't that hard to tune and i dailied my old setup with it. Will be doing it again also. Pretty much once its set up decent its trouble free and it has the ability to set up fuel/spark/start up all the way down under -40. Just my 2c, obviously not as simple as stock ecu though.
  19. gameface

    The anti-cress

    those overs are fucking sick
  20. Well considering I got my last r154 for 250, my first for 350 but with a whole mk3 and not running turbo mk3s constantly pop up I don't see why this would be worth it. And I haven't wrecked a r154 yet.
  21. gameface

    Need help with 1jz vvti harness

    I know info is out there on your pin outs/ewd because I came across them when i was searching for my shit which by the way was before I even bought my motor. Guess what. Scroll down in this section like 10 topics bam - http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=8260 Holy fuck the exact thing you were looking for was also on the same page as your hand holding thread, you didn't even have to fucking search too find it. Pin outs for jzs, jzx110, and jzx110 ewd pdf. I don't even understand how you still have the mental capacity to breath air or if you even had enough intelligence to graduate elementary because you couldn't do a simple function like scroll through the treads ON THE FIRST PAGE, NOT TO MENTION FUCKING SEARCH FUNCTION ON OUR FORUMS, OR GOOGLE. You couldn't even read the rules and make a half ass decent intro. Hopefully you get IP banned so you can't see this post which would be all you need to get it running and maybe sterilized too so a failure like you can't raise children. Probably couldn't even understand some Dr. Suess children book shit, faggot.
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    thank god its not a scarf
  23. gameface


    looks like he fits pretty good with that scarf and all 1jz miata? probably not
  24. gameface

    Need help with 1jz vvti harness

    if making an intro is too hard then try using the internet