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    Tattooed bitches & bitches with red hair, VVTI 1JZs, loud noises, money making, killah priest, slick rick the ruler, nicki minaj, booty, spiced rum, weed smoking
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  1. gameface

    Wanted: Running X7

    Bought a celica supra. Got the guy from 2500 down to 1600. Pretty close to a cressida wagon right? Only it has the same shite rear suspension of a x7 instead of solid axle
  2. gameface

    Wanted: Running X7

    There was a good candidate locally with no rust but I bought my GF a 92 purple si hatch instead. Thats love right? I got a email from someone with a x7 wagon just like all good condition Cressida's its no were near winnipeg so we'll see. I got fam in VA so buying one from there isn't that unrealistic but gotta add the price of a flight.
  3. gameface

    Wanted: Running X7

    Thx. Still keeping my eye out for x7s. Got plenty of work to do on my house garage, no rush.
  4. gameface

    Wanted: Running X7

    Only see a x6
  5. gameface

    Wanted: Running X7

    Looking for a X7 with minimal or no rust.... Wagon prefered. Red/Maroon prefered. Bone stock unraped car prefered. With that saiding pickings are slim locally for X7 so I'm not going to be picky. Willing to travel but if I travel and am disappointed I will slash your tires. Email andrewrcatton@gmail.com
  6. gameface

    FS: 1jz x7

    post some pics maybe one of us will come buy it douche bag
  7. Wow thought I at least updated about the motor. Anyway with the 1jz it just seems like the rear main starved of oil. Probably have to get the crank ground, can't believe it wasn't knocking, oh well. In other sad news, I'm gonna have to get rid of the lexus, just not enough room to have it sitting at the apartment I live at for as long as I need it to. I mean I considered lots of stuff, like renting a storage unit to work on it and keep it in etc or just fuck it and max out my cards and get it done. But I gotta save my money this year. I'm planning on going to university for mechanical engineering, I'm just upgrading courses and saving money so I can do it. I'll be keeping the 1jz and probably trying to find a cressida wagon at some point to put it in because I'm going threw some serious jz withdrawl symptoms. I finished the firewall on the lexus but theres no way I'll be able to afford what I wanted to do to it now, but I can still aford a cressida since I retained most of the parts I need to put my jz into one. Getting rid of the lexus is pretty painful and been fighting with the idea for months but its gotta happen.
  8. gameface

    giving up, giving in

    Jz swap. I think it has good potential. Fair bit of clean up and work but if you're using it as a shell it could be affordable. Weird jzxp members saying it's a mistake but I guess then again some members probably have trouble turning a wrench like what's his name.
  9. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Wow z33 trans, I recently found out they have synchro problems and had to swap one out of a g35. Newer ones are better but I think I'd stick with the r154.
  10. Emanage is sold, thx Kyle!
  11. gameface

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    He wants to be just like Kyle