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  1. Selling the Apexi Power FC w/ updated commander and patch harness for the JZA70. Also have a 3 bar MAP sensor w/ harness. Everything is plug and play and all you need is the electronic boost controller. Price $1300 OBO
  2. https://shopasd.com/collections/lexus Found a site with a bunch of cheap poly bushings for the x8 and they have free shipping!
  3. Cody

    LSD diff FS

    No prob bro!
  4. Cody

    LSD diff FS

    LSD is sold!
  5. Cody

    LSD diff FS

    I bought a JZX81 Mark II front clip and it came with the rear subframe and this was inside the diff. Its basically brand new except for one disc. It looks really similar to the JZX100 TRD LSD here. http://www.rhdjapan.com/trd-mechanical-lsd-limited-slip-differential-mark-ii-chaser-cresta-supra.html Price is $550 OBO Located in Dallas, TX
  6. Cody

    FS: 1jz x7

    if you would be willing to part with the engine harness i have cash in hand
  7. Fuck chasebays... My friend waited 5 months to get his LS6 in a 240 harness and it was completely pinned wrong, he sent it back and when he got it back they pinned every sensor backwards. So he had to keep it at WOT for it to idle. I waited 3 months for my 1j harness then said fuck it and got my money back.
  8. Cody

    1JZ misfire

    Yeah I just bought another JZA70 ECU off ebay and I'm running that right now. I also bought 3 of each of the capacitors from this website just in case I fuck them up haha, plus they were $0.14 a piece. I'll get around to replacing them one of these days.
  9. Cody

    1JZ misfire

    So I fucked with enough shit and I ran out of ideas, so I double checked my ECU and this time I noticed a lil bit of fluid about the size of a quarter around one of the caps. I cleaned it with brake clean hooked the bitch up and it runs like a champ! Sorry JROD for being a D-bag, but at least now it runs. I appreciate everyone's help. Cody
  10. are the vents on the dash trim broken?
  11. Cody

    1JZ misfire

    I just got done hooking up the CEL and when I short out TE1 to E1 on the diag connector it just flashes constantly. On these motors does that mean there are no codes stored? I've removed all the evap shit and I know some of the OBD 1 systems werent that sensitive and was curious if I should be getting a code for the purge valve? Also when I connect the IGSW on pin 13 of the 22 pin connector the motor wont run. It will start up for a sec and then die every time, but when I disconnect the wire it will run. something random someone might've ran into before that could help me out with...
  12. Cody

    1JZ misfire

    I tried hooking up the CEL but didnt get it to work so I gave up on it haha. I'll grab the Map and ECT sensors and try that. I bought the Apexi turbo timer with A/F ratio gauge in it but havent had a chance to install it yet cause I only get to work on the car maybe 2 hours a week. Im just trying to get it running good enough to drive it to my current house so I have more time to work on it.
  13. Cody

    1JZ misfire

    I have it with an open Y pipe right now so there is no exhaust haha. I've triple checked my timing and its dead on. I also checked out my ECU and all the boards look clean. I'm running out of ideas... haha
  14. Cody

    1JZ misfire

    I got to work on it tonight and this is where I'm at... I've swapped the fuel rail and tested all the injectors to make sure they're firing, and bought an aeromotive fpr and gauge and made sure I have 45 psi of fuel pressure at idle. I've swapped all 6 coils, igniter, and TPS with my bros car and I'm still misfiring something fierce, he's got an X90 motor so I cant check my ECU. The next chance I get I'll go back through my harness and make sure everything connected. Do you guys think I should start looking into piggy backs to try to and see that helps or take another chance on a stock ecu?