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  1. Tbone

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Looking proper man!!!!! Fitment is fucking perfect !!! Looks like a game of millimeters.Fucking perfection is achieved with thoses ssr koenigs.One of my top 3 favourite wheel designs. Good luck finding center caps lol i see them come up on yjp here and there and holy fucking shit are they expensive!!! As far as the transition pads go yes they are cool.Mainly for scuff sanding contoured surfaces/back sanding/finish sanding primer surfacer ect. I have only ever seen the soft pad ones.I have never seen a hard pad transition pad or interface pad as you call them. A plain old hard pad will always be best for feather edging imo and a regular old soft pad work fine for finishing sanding and back sanding repairs before primer. Carry on... *Edit...Found one center capon yjp https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s624204642 Roughly $100usd Buy this one center cap and then you can take it to a machine shop/fabrication shop and say make me three of these please $$$$
  2. ^^Your X8 has a flawless body man.You don't need a shell^^ I bought the car off an old guy up the street from me for the purpose of a rolling parts bin.Thing was so clean and cozy I fell in love with daily driving it. I want everything,except the 7m and auto tragic bullshit.All that stuff Gordon can have. If i ever do decide to scrap jzxp members will have first crack at whatever is available. The wheel gap on this thing makes me vomit One day I will dump it on it's guts....Until then aids ride height club.
  3. Tbone

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    So not to many cressida's in Philly I take it. Just a few poopra fags from the sounds of things. That sera is borderline comical.Does it come with an underpowered engine that's prone to head gasket and or main bearing failure?
  4. ^^Thanks Urrik^^ Cressida is off the road because I can't afford to insure it,and the price of the premium gas that it drinks is a $1.73 per litre or more so that doesn't help matters Nissan truck blew an alternator belt on the way to work FML. Guess that what I get for going over to the dark side...KA life
  5. Tbone

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    ^^Agreed^^ Any pics from the show? Any other cressida's at the show? As far as not driving it in six months....join the club #realifemodelprojects.com
  6. Tbone

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    That engine bay is straight sex! I love it. This X8 is clean AF
  7. Tbone

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Congratulations on the corolla find! That is a good deal considering the wheels,coilovers,and overall seemingly decent condition.Not to mention the rarity. Those thing fetch 5k cad here in Vancouver BC. Congrats on the garage space to man!
  8. No 7m parts,but when the 7m in the cream puff blows up you can have whatever you want 7m related.
  9. Fuk shaving! The money saved on razors and shaving cream is much better spent on booze and weed imo.
  10. Thanks for the love guys!!!! Block party write up http://dodologic.com/2018/09/27100/
  11. Had a good time at the block party Thanks @rvdtmedia for the pic Quality of pic is gay because ripped off from instagay and enlarged. The guys instafag has cool content nonetheless Never took any pics myself Weather was shitty Saw Nathan and some other fellow enthusiasts. No real other updates because my truck is now sucking the life out of me. All in all was a success because the car never fucked me around More photos pre BP Thanks @meekzilla
  12. Tbone

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Fuck yeah! Im digging the purple bang bus! Good to see your still in the mix man!
  13. Tbone

    Family Truckster X83

    Welcome to jzxp Good luck with the X83 project But yeah,your friend should be tied up by his ankles and dragged behind his dodge truck for putting such hideous wheels on that coal roller of his
  14. X100 looks awesome Nathan! Glad you made the drive out even in the horrible rain we had that day.