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  1. Aratz

    Round 2 - LSX

    another shot of the corona back on the acreage and finally darkness on the front clip. tremclad special. also, new fenders ordered from japan... prolly see them in winter unfortunately.
  2. Aratz

    MX29 MarkII 1JZ wagon thread - Love it or Hate it.

    REVIVING OLD THREADSTROLOLOLOL Is there a full build thread on this car? I just picked up an mx29 wagon exactly the same.... would like some fresh ideas for it.
  3. Aratz

    Round 2 - LSX

    sure? i dont mind?
  4. Aratz

    Round 2 - LSX

    So i'd like to be able to go back and change the title of this thread, because I bought an entire 1JZ-GTE pullout, complete to the 9's, + R154 transmission, ++ a 74 MX29 Corona Mark II wagon...... all for 700 bucks..! I feel like I won the lottery this evening! So now the 1J is going into the cresta and the V8 is going into the corona.
  5. I just finished parting out an Aristo and have the tail lights left over that i wanted to keep but no longer have a need for them. Excellent condition. $300 Will ship at buyers expense.
  6. 250 OBO. need it gone!
  7. why didn't you replace the factory ebrake with the hydro? you're gonna be doing lots of reaching!
  8. Aratz

    Round 2 - LSX

    Now just waiting for diff and axles from shawley, and my roomate to figure out his vehicle situation so I can grab the V8 from his daily... hopefully soon!!
  9. Aratz

    Round 2 - LSX

    So recent update, I've been out of the province for a bit for work so had to put the x on hold for a bit. Finally back in Calgary and ready to get back at her. Coilovers installed, Body wiring almost complete, more body work, etc.... Garage cat lurkin' Filled up stock spoiler holes
  10. Aratz

    Project Grandpa Style !!!

    First pic looks like huge bozo trunk wing. You should definitely move in that direction.