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    i like children, and i like sex, so i am capable to produce big family
  1. Tyler

    Rear Wings - Not the Big Country labs Style.

    whoops! I mean actually, fuck you, learn how to read and figure this shit out for yourself. I'll be waiting for you to part your cressida out
  2. Tyler

    Rear Wings - Not the Big Country labs Style.

    joes aero makes a wing similar for the cressida
  3. Tyler

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    This thing really looks great! I really like the subtle color. A rarity in these times.
  4. Tyler

    1989 1j Cressida project partout

    Such an awesome deal, if I lived in or near Texas I would buy
  5. Tyler

    850cc top feed and kinugawa turbo

    Turbo is sold, Sorry!
  6. kind of a shit thing but x6 shell for $180 http://york.craigslist.org/cto/5758923542.html
  7. Tyler

    850cc top feed and kinugawa turbo

    Thanks Jason! if bought all in a package I can also e-mail my tune to the buyer. As long as you have a power fc d-jetro it should be pretty close. my engine is stock internally.
  8. Tyler


  9. Tyler

    850cc top feed and kinugawa turbo

    They are off eBay, Bosch ev1's that were machined out to flow 850cc. I paid like $400 or so for them a few years back. They work, I just need something bigger.
  10. Tyler

    Trash boat

    ^now that sounds like a dude that I would want to take bong rips with
  11. selling my 850cc top feed injectors (high impedance) and kinugawa 60-1 turbo. I made 360hp and 390ft/lb tq on this setup. Asking $250 for everything. or 100 for the injectors and 150 for turbo. buyer can pay the god damn shipping if needed
  12. Tyler

    Trash boat

    my favorite is daewoo's d-tec
  13. Tyler

    Trash boat

    After much hating of my current setup and all of its woes, i'm finally upgrading some shit to go e85. Bought a compturbo 6062, bosch 1000cc ev14 and other shit. Thinking of getting rid of my PowerFC for an ECU Masters standalone, but probably wont. Gonna sell off my kinugawa and 850cc ev1.