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  1. Why? If you're interested, it's for sale.
  2. Because I am too fucking lazy to go to a junkyard and drop a subframe and also Michigan cars are such shit anyway, I'm somewhat interested in tracking down a spare rear subframe. Rear uprights / knuckles would also be helpful. If anyone has a stock rear shock mount / tophat, that could be good. And I might be interested in buying a set of kouki mx83 tails and the license plate surround piece. I'm an idiot and I should have kept more parts off my old car before I scrapped it.
  3. That's fine, I was just wondering. Still got those sleeves in stock?
  4. so the only thing constraining the bearings axially is the press fit?
  5. In the position in which you use a sleeve to get the spherical bearing to fit, do the spherical bearing still press up to a shoulder?
  6. that or people who long for the sweet embrace of death
  7. I think your dog has autism
  8. swim

    Brian's failed IS300 project

    awesome, more IS'
  9. swim

    Cressssssssta. Just the tip.

    Hey Bill, PM me your phone number.
  10. swim

    X100 Motor Mounts

    you should see if IS300 mounts work or are close enough... they look similar. if you want me to, I should have a pair kicking around that I can measure the stud spacing and height on.
  11. swim

    X100 Motor Mounts

    I think he died
  12. swim

    Need x7 suspension advice

    circle track coilover sleeves to fit the stock strut tubes and like 10" springs?
  13. swim

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Awesome find on the high temp tube. I don't have any immediate use for it but I want to buy some just to hoard it. Great work on the differential stuff too. How much of a press do you still have left on the ring gear with it spaced out 3mm?
  14. swim


    I have been hoarding parts for the IS, and doing stupid little bullshit here and there, but nothing worth updating a thread over. The gf is employed again, so I'm not going to be as tight on money soon which is good for getting back into the car hobby. Some dickhead might buy an NA-T manifold I have but don't need for like $800 which would be good. Another local fucker was going to buy my Audi as it sits which would have been really helpful, but that fell through so it looks like I'm going to have to get off my ass and put a new CV shaft in it so I can broom that shitheap for more IS parts.