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  1. FilthyK

    5spd swappin

  2. FilthyK

    1jz rich idle issue

    Yea I'm guessing it was because the plugs were soaked because I took it for a drive and it cleared up
  3. FilthyK

    1jz rich idle issue

    So I found a cut in the o2 signal wire and the car runs way better; no hunting idle, no extreme richness but the afr's still hunt a bit and there seems to be a light misfire. I'm not hugely concerned because it revs smooth but I'm still going to look into it. Any ideas are welcomed. I remember a thread on here about hunting afr's so ill start there
  4. FilthyK

    1jz rich idle issue

    Ok so I'm having some issues with my 1jz and I'd thought I'd pick your guys' brains a bit. The motor is a jzx90 1jz running off an aristo harness and ecu. The mods are gt35r single turbo, fmic, aem wideband and 3" exhaust. I also have the IACV blocked off because it was making the idle jump up and down. When I blocked it off though I did it poorly and some air was still getting in. The wideband says the car idles at 10.0 afr flat, not fluctuation at all. When I first start the car it will idle for a sec at 14.7 then slowly drop to 10.0 and sits there solid. This started after the exhaust fell off the downpipe at the last drift event. Before that the car ran fine. I tried completely blocking off the IACV and making sure it didn't leak at all and that didn't change much. Maybe slightly worse even. I tried unblocking it but now the idle is jumping up and down again. I drove the car and it smells like gas but runs surprisingly well it feels a bit slower though but once in boost the afr's act the same as before this problem came about. I'm suspecting o2 sensor due to the problem being at idle mostly but I don't have another o2 sensor to swap it out with. Is there a way I could run it off the wideband one to see if that is the problem? I also suspect the IACV to be part of the problem due to it making the idle jump up and down. I checked and it is getting voltage. I also provided voltage to it and I heard a slight click but didn't really see any movement inside it. Whats weird about it is the car sounds like it runs really smooth. You'd think that if it was running that rich the idle would be super shitty but for the most part it sounds fine. Any of you have any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help
  5. FilthyK

    Wtt my gt35r for a gt30r or similar

    definitely not going to straight trade for a holset. The turbo isn't that laggy so it isn't the end of the world if I don't find a trade
  6. FilthyK

    Wtt my gt35r for a gt30r or similar

    That honestly has been floating around in the back of my head for some time now. I'll look into the hy35 a little more and see what happens
  7. This is a long shot but I'd like to trade my garrett gt35r for a gt30 or similar sized turbo. The gt35 is fine for drifting and everything but I feel like a smaller turbo would suit me better. It must be a quality turbo though, no ebay. Cash can be put on top on either side depending on quality of turbo. My turbo is fairly new and in great condition, it is still in the car and I am more than happy to take a serious buyer for a ride. The turbo has .70 A/R stamped on it and m24 stamped on it but I have no idea what exhaust size it is. here is a picture
  8. FilthyK

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    Started breaking in my cressida
  9. FilthyK

    WTB: 1J A/C Compressor

    I've got one, pm me if you are interested
  10. 800$ to wire it up? Holy shit. I'd be asking for a brand new harness for that price and I'd still be pissed I spent that much on it. I bought an aristo harness/ecu for 200$, then spent maybe 2 hours wiring it up and the car fired right up. I had never wired anything more than a car stereo before that too.
  11. FilthyK

    The anti-cress

    Those overfenders really come together with paint and the doors cut. Props
  12. Fuck. Yes. If this becomes a reality I'd gladly buy one. Edit: Also I'm assuming this would require a custom driveshaft. I'm not familiar with the e30 driveshaft but if its the same/similar diameter would it be possible to just have its yoke welded to a mkiii supra driveshaft or w/e your using?
  13. FilthyK

    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    This car came out excellent
  14. FilthyK

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    If you have access to an s14 rack/crossmember then I think it's definitely worth the effort. Just being able to move the rack forward when you do the install and having a stronger rack makes it well worth it to me.
  15. FilthyK

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    Well I guess I worded that poorly. I was more interested in positioning vs x8/x7 rack and why use it over the x7 rack.