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  1. JROD

    X7 shit. Free + shipping from 29607

    ill take the mudflaps, and is the faux wood around the radio and climate interchangeable from85-86 and 87-88? if so ill take that as well
  2. Aphxero next car i put together ill take you up on that.
  3. JROD

    1JZ misfire

    ya i used 70% isopropyl, not sure if it was good, first thing that came to mind. But like i said after changing my caps car runs great. Pretty fucking rich but i hear thats fairly normal.
  4. i just wanted the car to run, i work alot and would rather just work for a week, pay for it, and then a week later my car ran and drove perfectly.
  5. JROD

    1JZ misfire

    Better go to radio shack now and get some capacitors, When i would just clean mine, probably a hour later the caps would leak again and leave me stranded and cleaning the ecu again. After i put new caps i haven"t had that issue again, been about 6 months now.
  6. I was lazy and had tweak do mine, it was pretty steep but he did everything is asked and the car fired up first try. I will definitely use him again in the future.
  7. Do youstill got that spacers? shipped to 22407 va.
  8. JROD

    Wtb 2jz w58 bell housing

    just get the aftermarket one eGay, thats what mine is and it hasnt broken, yet...
  9. JROD

    Ok.. REALLY dumb question.

    ill just end it now, closest to the turbo, because thats what its there to protect when you close the throttle.
  10. JROD

    Ok.. REALLY dumb question.

    hows your stock configuration? why not put it on the intercooler?
  11. JROD

    Ok.. REALLY dumb question.

    Search bitch!
  12. JROD

    mx73 clutch pedal

    have you still not realized u have no JZ so everyone has no care?
  13. JROD

    Post your S-AFC settings

    just hooked up my vafc2 (vtec un hooked obviously) i havent changed anything yet just set it all up, i dont have a wideband hooked up yet, should i wait or could i start pulling fuel to see if it picks up some power up top. mods or lack there of are, stock twins still, 255 pump, 3 inch from y pipe back, 3inch IC and piping. boosts all the way to 15 and hits cut occasionally if its cooler. im under the assumption that if im pulling fuel it will also raise my boost cut threshold .
  14. JROD

    1JZ misfire

    just pop it open first it'll take 2 minutes