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  1. Guarantities

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Fly by
  2. Guarantities

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    I shouldve been there! fuuuuuck!
  3. Guarantities

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    One month and three weeks! Cant wait to see it! haha
  4. The agx kinda suck haha. Think my rear spring could be a problem. But props to summit for getting them to Hawaii in two days!
  5. I've seen all the work you've done on your car. My standards definitely aren't as high as yours haha. Illuminas do suck though! But I'll look into the yellows. Never heard of anyone saying anything negative about them.
  6. Ive had them on corollas and they were decent. But they were relatively cheap. If it sucks. Ill get something else. My friend showed me that people have been using Saab rear shocks and they are noticeably shorter than the AGX good idea man! thanks Ill look into that. Thanks.
  7. Had to get the wagon ready for safety check. Lifted it up. think it looks halfway decent like this. This wagon came up for sale. Its perfect. Got it for a really good price. So I had to scoop it. Two weeks later trying to find a solution to let the rear go lower. The sedan shocks that came with the megans are waaay too long. So going to try out some camaro AGX in the rear.
  8. Ah shit. Should've done my research first. Well, now I know... Well drivetrain will hopefully be gone before 2016. Then I'll have time to do it better.
  9. thats a terrific question. I didnt even bother to look. Ill go check later. put in a centerforce stage 2 to replace it. Doesnt feel as aggressive. But itll get the job done for now.
  10. Sooooo. This was the clutch... Fixed it. But now I want JZ
  11. Hahaha holy shit! Would be so ugly!
  12. Bought a cube speed short shifter about a month back. Reduces throw so much and feels so tight. Highly recommend it. Thinking about switching to x8 chassis. Since I plan on driving the car hard. But I love wagons!
  13. The frequent buyer privilege is really nice haha. But Jordan buys EVERYTHING so nothing really to buy anymore haha
  14. I contacted him about parts last week. He was more than happy to sell me parts. He said he's slowing down on bumpers and big items because he's running out of room. I bet he's incredibly busy though. I always tell people that he's too busy though. Haha. So I can be the cool guy with the Jdm dealzzzzz
  15. ok ok haha. I'll go YAJ hunting tonight.