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  1. efrain

    SG JZ Alternator Relocation Kit

    Posted pictures on the website for future reference and we can add more as we have access to different part numbers. https://suspiciousgarage.com/blogs/guides/alternator-relocation-test-fit-on-different-part-numbers
  2. efrain

    SG JZ Alternator Relocation Kit

    I went ahead and tried the bracket on all the alternators I could get my hands on. There may be slight variations in casting, but not enough to not fit. All the different part numbers and the generic aftermarket rebuilds fit. We originally 3D scanned DC Power, Mechman and an OEM VVTi 1jz alternators along with the entire side of the block when making the bracket. A few prototypes were printed in plastic before we made the final test one in aluminium. I'm assuming that bracket was a fluke, but I still haven't gotten it back. Label was sent, just waiting on you Casey. I'd like to get a replacement out to you and figure out what went wrong with the one you received.
  3. efrain

    SG JZ Alternator Relocation Kit

    Sorry havent been on here in a week. Email me please, i just sent pics over to my machinist. Ill get you another bracket and have you send this one back. sales@suspiciousgarage.com This is the first alt to bracket fitment issue we've encountered.
  4. efrain

    SG JZ Alternator Relocation Kit

    We offer the bracket without the belt, (not much savings $10), but the No AC belt is different from the relocation belt. I'll give you the part number if you buy the bracket alone, but most people would just pay the $10 to get the belt. https://suspiciousgarage.com/products/suspicious-garage-1jz-2jz-alternator-relocation-kit-no-belt?_pos=4&_sid=6035c8d5b&_ss=r No ac belt, you can see the routing in the pic. Alt relocated uses a shorter belt than just the no ac pump belt. https://suspiciousgarage.com/products/1jz-2jz-ac-delete-belt?_pos=1&_sid=9708e0625&_ss=r email me directly and ill save you the shipping over buying on the site, just mention you're on JZXProject. sales@suspiciousgarage.com
  5. efrain

    SG JZ Alternator Relocation Kit

    Main reason would be belt tossing, we had guys that weren't running the AC compressor that would toss belts from lack of that pulley. (long jump from crank pulley to PS pulley) Also at the FD level the heat was frying alternators, moving it to the cold side helps with that and free's up room on the exhaust side for turbo/manifold combos, assuming the stock water pump was also replaced with an electric pump (most FD cars run the radiator in the rear) Edit: whoremouth_jr beat me to it
  6. efrain

    SG JZ Alternator Relocation Kit

    Agreed, I was just letting my machinist do his thing. We're working on another version that will accommodate the BMW alternator and possibly clear the 2jz oil pump nub, also going to anodize them in the future. Fixed. I'm pretty sure I did an intro on the last version of JZXP, but when the site was redone all that stuff disappeared, plus I got the vouch from Brian early on.
  7. efrain

    SG JZ Alternator Relocation Kit

    I thought I had posted this on here but I guess not. We just had another batch machined. Also hardware has been upgraded. We have an ATI option as well on the site.
  8. JZ Alternator Relocation Kit $150, I can ship for free in the US, contact for international Relocate your alternator while still retaining water pump, power steering and stock idler Better belt contact PS pump bracket bolts into relocation bracket Fits all JZ's not running AC, includes new belt and hardware Lightweight and strong Made in the USA https://suspiciousgarage.com/products/jz-alternator-relocation-kit
  9. 1jz Gates Racing Timing Belt T923R Got a few timing belts left. Gates USA wont sell these so we have to have them shipped from Australia. $85 I can do free shipping in the US if you can pay directly (venmo, cash app, paypal gift) PM or email sales@suspiciousgarage.com https://suspiciousgarage.com/products/gates-racing-timing-belt-1jzge-1jzgte-t923r
  10. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    you're right, we got it sorted out with Brian's help. Same, same but different
  11. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    Free (Saved from the dumptser)
  12. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    Shoot me a text if you come down. 949 529 1703
  13. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    Ill give you one if you're ever in the LA area, Carson. We usually toss them when doing swaps.
  14. efrain

    VVTi 1jz JZX100 Maf 22250 50060

    Got a couple of these if anyone needs one.
  15. efrain

    I need a MAP sensor

    I am, are you local or need it shipped? http://suspiciousgarage.com/products/used-1jz-2jz-non-vvti-map-sensor