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  1. 1jz Gates Racing Timing Belt T923R Got a few timing belts left. Gates USA wont sell these so we have to have them shipped from Australia. $85 I can do free shipping in the US if you can pay directly (venmo, cash app, paypal gift) PM or email sales@suspiciousgarage.com https://suspiciousgarage.com/products/gates-racing-timing-belt-1jzge-1jzgte-t923r
  2. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    you're right, we got it sorted out with Brian's help. Same, same but different
  3. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    Free (Saved from the dumptser)
  4. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    Shoot me a text if you come down. 949 529 1703
  5. efrain

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    Ill give you one if you're ever in the LA area, Carson. We usually toss them when doing swaps.
  6. efrain

    VVTi 1jz JZX100 Maf 22250 50060

    Got a couple of these if anyone needs one.
  7. efrain

    I need a MAP sensor

    I am, are you local or need it shipped? http://suspiciousgarage.com/products/used-1jz-2jz-non-vvti-map-sensor
  8. efrain

    VVTi 1jz JZX100 Maf 22250 50060

    Doesnt get old, after 6 years
  9. Got a few mafs in stock. All of them have been tested and in good working condition. No cracks, i can include pigtails if needed. $85 shipped in the US Hit me up for international shipping
  10. efrain

    VVTi 1jz Turbo Elbow **Upgrade**

    Yep, and Vitaly(owner of Ace up) is a good guy. You can purchsae it from him as well. The guy making them doesn't care what you call them, i just gave homage to his old shop that is no longer around. Brinkin's can be Zazz elbow, yours can be Zokustyle elbow, etc
  11. I forgot about you guys and Brian is going to kick my ass. But we're putting one on Brinkin's bucket soon and we put one on another customer's MX83. Originally it was made for the S-Chassis but we tried it on various chassis over the last several months. And it clears all the LHD cars we've put them on. (Mx83, JZZ30, S13, S14) -Mandrel bent 304 stainless, fully tig welded and back purged This pipe bolts strait up to factory turbo and O2 sensor -3inch V band flange and wideband O2 port. Bolting it on with stock ecu and wastegate, making no other changes, gains were noticed over the entire rpm band with no losses anywhere. It made 250ft/lbs 1000 rpm quicker and gained 22ft lbs of torque and 26hp overall. This was on stock boost, no controller or tuning! It would do even better at higher boost levels thanks to its low back pressure design. Back to back dyno pulls, same car, same day, no other changes made With stock pipe the engine made 273ft lbs and 287hp. Only changing the outlet made 295ft lbs and 313hp! You guys can pm me or Brinkin. If you're not local to Phoenix or OC, I'll write a free shipping code and you can order off the site. International guys message us first, I'm not sure what the cost will be to ship one. http://suspiciousgarage.com/collections/exhaust/products/future-fabrication-vvti-1jz-turbo-elbow On an MX83 Dyno sheet