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    mercedes 190e with 1jz-gte

  2. if it wasnt in that box then i must have it somewhere here. let me search man, i am so sorry it wasnt in there... how is that thing coming? im in houston now so if you ever wanna work on that thing lemme know
  3. I was really looking in to the evo1 style, not so much the evo2 with the huge swooping body lines... but the blue one is just getting 3 piece amg wheels, exhaust, bilsteins, h&r springs, whatever body kit I bought with the car I haven't even opened it yet, and white paint
  4. So I bought this car for 1000 bucks.. guy promised to get me title and I beleived him like a dumbfuck I immediately drove it to work, and did the following: Interstate battery Fan Clutch Water pump Radiator Cap 3 new Drive Belts Coolant Flush Oil Change Valve Cover Gaskets Spark Plugs Little Emissions hoses Intake Gasket Ceramic Brake Pads all 4 wheels Turned all 4 rotors I went to drive the damn thing home and the alternator went out on me..l Someone please buy this thing and drift the fuck out of it or use the vh45 or just get a bonded title and daily drive it pm me or reply
  5. Bring on the hate.. I opted out of the drift scene for a little bit, got rid of my hunk of metal. I had that old 190e when I joined, just as a daily beater.. I put a little bit of tlc into it.. I bought another 190e.. I plan on daily driving both of them, and i will have the oppurtunity then to build little by little without having to be out a car. Plans for one is just straight cruiser, a/c, radio, comfort, low, good looking, etc... I already have most of that down except for euro headlights, grill, and paint.. I do have a body kit for it but I havent installed it. Plans for the black one is an amg replica, will definitely have a 1jz in it at some point in the next year, and I want to be able to daily drive it, drift it, race it, cruise it, whatever.. I also bought this old q45 and put a shit ton of work into it, and never got the title... so if you want it lemme know.. Pics: