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  1. Its figured out and it runs so fuck it, i couldn't get my UZ swap to start because i had the starter grounded instead of giving it power. Things like that get overlooked when your worried about the million other things that come with a swap.
  2. Andrew

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Its fucking hard when you have so much time,money and feeling invested in said piece of metal.
  3. Andrew

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Thats heartbreaking. People are rotten.
  4. Yeah! what did it end up being? igniter?
  5. Andrew

    Quest for a poor mans 2jz

    Yes GE pistons with GTE gasket. I'm not to worried about it i don't plan on running more then a bar of boost. If the time comes for that ill save up an go standalone. I'll make sure and go LINK.
  6. Andrew

    Quest for a poor mans 2jz

    Kyle enlightened me a bit so i'm probably going to run the jzx100 ecu with bigger injectors and some kind of piggy back to take the edge off. (revs higher and will be just fine) Since i'm a noob to piggy backs ecu's do you guys have any preference when it comes to these? I'm looking at a Greddy Emanage Blue or a Apexi Neo. I like how Emanage has alot of adjustable points and seems super simple as i can just tell it my new injector size and i figures out most of the stuff for me but it might be kind of hard to fine tune since i don't have a dino. On the other hand the apexi is small like a little mp3 player and seems like it might be easier freeway tuning it with my AEM wideband. Decisions decisions...
  7. Andrew

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    definitely polish them!
  8. Andrew

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    This makes me jealous! nice nice nice. Agree with chriSOL on the bumper strip. Little touches that make the biggest of uniqueness.
  9. Andrew

    Quest for a poor mans 2jz

    Jacob: Exactly my argument, i want to keep stock ecu because i'm not trying to get crazy power just have fun and "reliability". Demesio: I just have open Compressor at the moment, but i have a janky 3in intercooler pipe with a MAF and filter on it. Whoremouth: I wonder if the guy with the na-t vvti 2jz had stock headgasket. hmmmmm maybe all i need is a SAFC. I know people make 400 on stock vvti 2js with only single conversions but vvti 2j's have 440's and map sensors haha thats what i want, at least you have a solid engine and management. I just want to drive this damn thing and stop working on it... im just scared this jzx100 ecu is going to blow my freshly built motor and ill just be out of money. Thinking i should make the vvti 2jzgte ecu work with the stock map sensor and try and replace my top feed 370's with side feed 440's. or just standalone this stupid thing, Link? AEM? gahhhh out of budget, out of time, out of patience. Im blaming everything on the stupid hoonigan sticker on my tool box. Untitled by profilebmx18, on Flickr Untitled by profilebmx18, on Flickr
  10. Andrew

    Quest for a poor mans 2jz

    So i have my 1.5 jz running and idling\ revving good. (rebuilt 2jzge bottom end,refreshed 1jzvvti head with aftermarket turbo and manifold) but its running to rich and carbon fouling the plugs. I was hoping to make this setup run on stock jzx100 ecu ect.. since i only want high 300's low 400's horsepower wise. but ive talked to a few people and the jzx100 ecu isnt going to allow it under boost/load and that it will lean out and cause problems. So my next step in this quest is that i was going to get a 2jzgte vvti ecu and just use the stock jzx100 harness by matching pinouts and try run that with side feed 440's. has anyone done anything like this? any pro tips? would everything work in unison like TPS etc? Or is this me just trying to take the cheap route like always and i should just get a standalone.
  11. I'm curious too, yeah its a 1.5 but there was no engine bay pictures in the article.
  12. Andrew

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    they look like they fit pretty good in the back, maybe just a spacer in the front?
  13. The boost port on the front of the compressor housing, it may not be a 90 from the pictures I cant tell.
  14. Whats the thread size for that 90 degree fitting you used on that boost port?