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  1. My S200 next to my brother's S300... And where we sit...
  2. Didn't even think about until you posted bullshit, Bill. Let's see you swing that hammer... it's been long overdue... empty threats mean nothing to me
  3. Fuck you, Faggot. Everyone saw this coming. Thanks for proving us right. Dont let the door hit you... you fucking pile of shit. Hey Bill... what do you think now about this faggot?
  4. Aero mirrors are for faggots
  5. Rue

    nĂºmero tres

    Fuck... that kid is more retarded than Shlammie... fuck The one across the street from Chris... don't give a fuck about some fucktard lowballing Shlammie... more than what I'd offer him for anything... fucking faggot
  6. Ha... I guess I'll update this shit tomorrow... got turbo, injectors, oil fittings, downpipe flange, and turbo drain pipe in the making. Guess I'll throw up some pics
  7. Rue

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Go look through his fucking thread fucktard.
  8. Rue

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Ha... he got it in... I think he fucking hates the results
  9. Rue

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    No it won't... the Ikeya Gordo has is different than the one I have. He already made all of the adapter shit for the one he has.
  10. Rue

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    He did... why do you ask?
  11. Rue

    MX83 CV Axles

    They exist... I'd just have to pop them out of the diff
  12. Rue

    MX83 CV Axles

    i probably have a set
  13. Rue

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    Kyle's Mark II had a foot parking brake... so does the Chaser... automatics come with this shit
  14. Rue

    MX83 CV Axles

    Do you ever think about anything you're going to say before you open your mouth? Sadly, the answer is probably "yes" but you're so fucking retarded you can't see what's wrong with the shit that's falling out of your cock hole. God you're fucking stupid
  15. Rue

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Mine is in an 85 Corolla... fuck... a long time ago I bought a new black top Beams. I picked up a cast aluminum ITB manifold out of Australia before everyone was making adapter plates and put a W58 behind it to put the shifter in the correct location. Now people like Sam Q are making nice swap parts for a fair price to fix most of the problems I ran into when I did my swap. I'm using his shifter relocation kit on a RHD Levin coupe I'm working on right now. Nice machined part... wish the guy who owns the car would have bought Sam Q's ITB adapter... I'm not thrilled with the Xcessive one.
  16. Rue

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Then cross breed and go AP1/AP2... I dont give a fuck... 4ag is a pile of shit that you can keep blowing money on yet will never make reliable power worth calling "fun" Throwing ITB's on a shit box 4ag will net you zero gains... "it sounds/looks cool"... get fucked. Better investment would be buying an ITB adapter for a Beams and using what you already spent money on for a reasonable platform And fuck a 3S X-anything... fucking retarded. I'm hoping mine will hit 250 WHP on E85 with the thinnest Toda headgasket they offer and the most cam I can throw at it keeping VVTi. And that's in a car with a 1900 lb goal. Dumping another 1000 lbs in Cressida weight would make that swap retarded.
  17. Rue

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Please stop with the 4ag pipe dreams... they are a complete waste of time and money. I think I went through 10 or so before going 3S... you'd be wise to do the same
  18. Rue

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    I have an 87 land cruiser 3/4" clutch master cylinder in my Cressida and Corolla... direct bolt on
  19. Fuck Shlammy... hazing is one thing but he keeps getting shit because he "builds" shit. One of those people that if he died in a car crash on the way home I wouldn't miss him and the world would be a better place
  20. Why I wish we were more liberal with the ban-hammer... Fuck this faggot
  21. Rue

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Nice 5 paragraphs of useless info... like most that you put up... master of the obvious with "spoke design also needs to be considered" No shit... "Somebody else figured out my Legos for me" Fucking faggot And Gordo... Who are you kidding... you're going to die and Alex is going to send your shell to Pick-N-Pull We're going to drive down and scoop all of your suspension shit out of the wrecking yard at a steal