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  1. Front rotor from a 1994 Mazda mpv will work with the 300z calipers. The hub height is taller so a only a 3mm caliper spacer is needed. This helped me with wheel/caliper clearance. The diameter is slightly smaller than the z32 rotor so you must use 94 landcruiser pads.
  2. Yotarip

    The (Amazing) x8 Amazing build thread Amazing

    You prob blew the ignition fuse. Ignition lead wakes ecu up. The cooling fan is the culprit if you are using an ignition lead to power the fan. The fan pulls too many amps.
  3. Yotarip

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    No solution yet. I did try to source the lead from the ecu but it didn't work. The tach needle just jumped randomly. I'l get the tach adapter from the Russian. I swapped a 3uz into a 90 supra running 1uz vvti harness and ecu.
  4. Yotarip

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    ^ welcome to the 1uz vvti club. If you go 5 speed, the Russian sell a transmission emulator that definitely made a difference in my 3uz swap
  5. Yotarip

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    ^ is right. I bought a hacked 4.0 1uz vvti ecu from the Russian to run the 4.3 vvti 3uz I'm swapping into my supra. Seems be fine but I haven't fired the motor up yet. Just checked for a working cel and diagnostics. All is good. The Russian installed a board to bypass the immobilizer in my ecu but now he can alter the software in the ecu.
  6. Yotarip

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Would def put down better times with traction. My 1uz swapped Mx83 ran 14.6 @ 95 with the automatic trans and a 4.30 supra lsd.
  7. Yotarip

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    The rear O2 sensor wiring is part of the chassis harness. It's patched into one of the body plugs from the engine harness. You will have to splice in an extension to rear O2 sensors. Remember, the rear O2 sensor harness goes through the floorboard on the LS400.
  8. Yotarip

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Thumbs up on keeping the flaps.
  9. Yotarip

    Desert ratt rodd 3000

    I know it's considered an abomination but I was about to do the accord bumper on my gold cressida before I traded it with a good friend. He's keen on doing it so I'll help him when he gets it in.
  10. Yotarip

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Yeah. That was him.
  11. Yotarip

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Damn. I think I met the PO of this car at Hyperfest two weeks ago. He was checking my cressida out and told me he was from MD. He said had sold a white cressida with a chaser front end and JZ motor swap. Nice work on bringing it back.
  12. Yotarip

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Did you change the front crank seal? I've had it fail on two of my swaps after being too lazy to change it before installing the engine. Fucking thing dumped oil like a mofo when the old seal failed.
  13. Yotarip

    my X62

    Zoku, Can't blame yourself much, look at all the positive feedback you had.
  14. Yotarip

    1UZ Truck

    NICE! I would love a 1uz powered 4x4. I almost bought a 5 speed 93 4runner to do the same swap but the wife wouldn't let me bring anymore cars home at the time. I'll do one next year. The vvti 1uz motors are starting to show up at my local junkyards now. I now have a 4.0 vvti and a 4.3 vvti sitting on my garage floor waiting for a chassis.
  15. Yotarip

    Shaolin Landfill

    I'm pretty sure I saw this car in person near Richmond at a meet last fall. Pretty nice.
  16. LOOOOONG story. Lots of pics. I like pics. So, I joined this forum after my original build thread disappeared with the death of TC.net . My first build was on this super clean all original 1990. It's a 1992 sc400 v8 mated to the original cressida auto. Still going strong but I now have a 1uzVVTI with 5 speed auto for it. After I finished the cress I started on my 87 pickup. Saved it from some kid that wanted to drift it. He already had a 22rte in it but he tore it down when his drift "project" turned into the usual partout. The day I dragged it home. After some TLC. Got bored with the gas guzzling 22r and smoking turbo. Wanted something more powerful and needed more reliability.
  17. Yotarip

    "Cool, but why not 2j?" WON-YOU-ZEE build.

    X-pipe with a pair of 45's and a pair of offset pipes came from rjscustompiping.com Remainder needed pipes from mandrel-bends.com
  18. Yotarip

    "Cool, but why not 2j?" WON-YOU-ZEE build.

    So. Here'sn update on the shitty V8 build. Couldn't bother myself to upload progress pics from my phone to photobucket. It's a pain in the ass. I've been pretty busy collecting shit and keeping the running cars running. I finally talked a friend into selling me his ford 8.8 ( 3.08 gears) with posi. It came without axles so I grbbed some from a sn95 stange along with the disc brake setup. Gonna swap it into the truck next month. I put a new heater core in the blue cressida last month. SHIT FUCKIING SUCKED!!! God Damn! Finally had heat after 2 years of letting it sit during the winter. A week later, I came out of the house to this. Fucking tree limb fell on it. Paintless Dent removal quoted me 300 to fix it. I found a clean cloth interior to replace the ratty leather. Bought a mandrel bend universal dual exhaust kit with x-pipe. It's 2.25" with two resonators and a 2.25 dual inlet / 3" single outlet freeflow muffler. Sound clip. http://youtu.be/fUsFG4jEYJE
  19. Yotarip

    Y0SH's JZX83

    ^^ That's what I had to do to my truck since the original owner hacked it up. It's nice to have a working hood latch/ release. I used the existing treaded holes in what was left of the rad support to achor the sectioned one on.
  20. Yotarip

    Mint MX83 Coils & Wheels

    Well then. I agree with Gordo. Either turn to coils up or swap back oe suspension and you're golden.
  21. Yotarip

    Mint MX83 Coils & Wheels

    The fact is you're offering up a $1500 25 year old car for 6K to people who know better. You failed. You probably paid way to much for something you thought would make a cool daily and think you could pass on your misery here. You could have bought an LS400 for half of what you paid for the mx83 and had a much better car to suit your needs. Just test drive any clean 90-94 ls400 ($1500-$2500) and you'll want to kill youself.
  22. Yotarip

    Mint MX83 Coils & Wheels

    So you bought the car a month ago. How much did your tender ass get raped for?
  23. Yotarip

    1984 Toyota Cressida R154 2JZ Swap Build.

    ^ Amen! Friend of mine is building his second 1j powered 240 wagon. Fabricating motor mounts were the least of issues. I guess XM offers 1j cressida build by number kits. I still expect a part out thread.
  24. Rue, Care to share a pic of the passenger side motor mount on the v6 mr2? Haven't seen one that's visually pleasing yet. I'm gonna do the same swap soon.
  25. Thanks for the heads up. I grabbed a handfull of stainless washers from a box at work and measured one at 3mm. I assumed they would all be the same. Installed them and all seems to be fine. I didn't stack them. Just needed one washer at each bolt location. I'll mic them this weekend. The mustang cobra R wheels in the front are 18x9 38mm offset. The caliper hit the spokes. Didn't want to add spacers since the wheel was already perfectly flush with the fender.