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  1. Idk you austin but i've sat in alot of Seats and I love my recaro pole position I have in my Bimmer. Perfect fixed back for a daily imho. It doesnt push my legs together so tight that they crush my nuts like most fixed backs. And before you say it I am not a "Fatass" but im not a rail either.
  2. like an E92 m3 DSG trans... well if you can find one... then it would need a different adaptor since it it mates up to a v8.
  3. The getrag is crap, the ZF260 holds 600whp pretty reliably. I would not put a e30/e36 Getrag behind a JZ, shit wouldnt last a year.
  4. Probably an M50 flywheel, which if that is the case then I am definitely going 2JZ in my car
  5. Damn thats a good price for a E36 euro 6 spd, those go for nearly 5K in the states
  6. I started thinking about this the other day, and Im bummed you guys weren't able to go through with this as I now have an E36 and I am considering putting a 2JZ in it. Would be easy as hell if I could use the trans I already have, no custom tranny mounts no drive shaft, cheap transmissions. I think this would be your biggest market for sure would be guys like me.
  7. Piner

    'Ring Slut X100

    skip to 56 seconds
  8. Piner

    'Ring Slut X100

    'Ring was soo skechy on saturday. I almost wrecked the car 4 times in one lap. Found a couple pictures though.
  9. Piner

    X90 / X100 Rear Adjustable Arms

    Damn just as I put my X100 up for sale too...
  10. Piner

    MX83 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plate

    ^ I wish I could hit a like button on that post
  11. Piner

    'Ring Slut X100

    yeah Im stupid, My cam timing was off, when I checked it before I guess I wasn't at true TDC and my intake and exhaust cams were both off by the same amount which made them look like they lined up with the marks. Car runs good now. Except it is raping and pilaging my fuel tank every chance it gets. Needs a new O2 I bet. Ordered the wrong one though. Fuck. Will be heading up the 'Ring on the 30th once I get some new tires on this thing.