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  1. Hah Chicago. There are 100x as many shit cars here as there are good ones. Still too cold though, I'm actually moving to Austin in a couple weeks to get away from it.
  2. Teo

    perfectly stock car to fuck up- or perfect

    He's still a faggot, even if he's offering you his ass. Tries too hard.
  3. Teo

    WTB: R32 or Volvo front lip

    ^^That's a good deal, I'd go that route.
  4. Teo

    WTB: R32 or Volvo front lip

    If you don't want to go the cardboard route.. 175 + shipping. Oversize shipping should be $100 or so, so I will do $275 shipped to Miami. Could use a respray, but isn't actually damaged or cracked.
  5. Might be easier to find a spare cluster to rob them from.
  6. Teo

    Taking over

    That's a perfectly rational reason, I almost hope that's the case.
  7. Teo

    Taking over

    Lol. If people still want to get some things made, we have a department that does that at TF-Works. We make a lot of team vinyl, design/produce full racecar liveries, t-shirts, jackets, banners, whatever. I have nothing to do with that stuff, but if you're having trouble getting someone good/with the right resources, we have a department dedicated to that kind of shit here. (and it's not run out of someone's parents basement) http://itsproper.com/shop/
  8. Teo

    FS Work emotion xd9 in white

    I have a friend that wants the 17's if anything. So that could work out. I'll see what he says
  9. Teo

    FS Work emotion xd9 in white

    I may have found someone interested in the fronts if you're willing to separate the set.
  10. Yeah just type 1 for Chaser right now, but MarkII is definitely a possibility. Gordo, it depends on what you're looking for, but yes, it usually takes 2-3 months as long as it's not made-to-order or something. We can't add something random from Yahoo Japan Auctions or anything like that to a shipment though, that's not something we do. I do have people that can though if that's something you need to do.
  11. Yeah, we ship containers every couple of months from Japan. We could probably get it made less expensively in china somewhere, but we don't want to carry low quality stuff here. Still cheaper and more easily available than getting BN/Wonder something like that sent here though.
  12. Teo

    2jz immobolizer shit

    Don't know if the car would start for a second and shut off if the immobilizer shit is wrong, iirc it wouldn't run at all. Could be something besides an immobilizer, like fuel pump wiring for example. If it's not that, I'd replace the carburetor.
  13. Brought a few of these in recently, working on getting 100 MarkII soon as well. Version:Select type 1 for Chaser, just came out. Located in Chicago. Fitment/quality on VS stuff is nice, comparable to Origin etc. Figured I'd holler since it can be difficult and expensive to source/ship aero for these cars to North America. We can also bring in Origin as we're Origin-US, although it's not something we normally stock yet. http://versionselect.com/shop/index.php/4dr-vip-bodykits/toyota-jzx100-chaser-96-00-version-i.html
  14. You have terrible luck with shit breaking.