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  1. smokeythalo

    another x83 with a 2jz

    So it is. My bad. Here are the correct pics.
  2. smokeythalo

    another x83 with a 2jz

    Gordo, I made an intro years ago. 4x4 satus will be resolved soon. And the wally world head unit has a proper pioneer replacement on the way. Its for the kid to watch his DVDs on road trips (yes, I use my car for more than fun). Sc300 master went right in. No cutting, no modding. It was made to be there. Only thing the x8 didn't have is a stufnon the lower firewall for the bottom of the pedal bracket. On then wheels, I like um. I've got another set of wheels with no tires, off a maxima. Soon as I get tires they go on. Very, very, old pic.
  3. smokeythalo

    another x83 with a 2jz

    Hello, I'm Steve. I have been here for a while, lurking, and working on my car. Its still an on going project, but I've come a good ways, and figured I would share with everyone. Sorry If its not cool enough yet. I'm working on it. Got it driving today. When I first got the car. Bone stock 1992 Cressida with 116k miles on it.] It had a 7m under hood with spun bearings. After a bit I acquired an sc300 5 speed shell from a friend, with some major damage. I took the clutch pedal setup off, and scrapped the body, as nothing was left at this point. I also received a w58 with the car. At this point, I am still using the OEM brake pedal, just cut down. The sc pedal would not work. Fast forward a few months, the replacement 7m is spitting oil out everywhere, after about 100 miles. At this point I was just all pissed off. So I did the smart thing. I bought a 2jz for it. Its out of a 1992 sc300. Like new inside Made it look better Than i had another smart moment. I decided to buy an r154. A few months later I finally got time and put everything in. During the down time from motor install, I got a few other things done. Z32 front brakes, is300 seats, DVD player, few more odds and ends. This was a test fit. Found and installed OEM spoiler from Japan land. And, earlier today. Pardon the quality, its an iPhone. Also, it has 3" of exhaust. Sounds much better in person. This is how she sits now. Still has 116k miles. Few things to wrap up and she is on the road. Hopefully have some boost this winter, and some coilovers. Full rundown of what it has: 2jzge R154 Act 6 puck sprung disk, OEM flywheel/pp Z32 front brakes, rears with custom ebrake caliper soon. OEM spoiler Double rear swaybar Rear subframe stiffing plate R154 is rebuilt with marlin crawler goodies Is300 front seats Flip out 7" DVD player 15" BBS meshies. For January/February I have a 7mgte Cps, set of 5.3 coils, other turbo goodies, and soon an ms3 to install. Trying to decide on a turbo, and injectors. Thinking hx35/hx40, 1200-1600cc, and e85. Also looking at precision. Too many choices for good turbos. Only want 550+/- HP.