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  1. Hey it's been a while. I'm curious which model of jzx90 you guys prefer and why? Is there any reason to buy one over the other besides looks? TourerV is a must, but I'm still up in the air about manual or auto. The manual will be less work for me, but the auto will be less beat on. Can you recommend any trustworthy importers? I want to buy directly from Japan because the prices here are fucking stupid. There is a Chaser in Seattle going for 16k! Here's a rough example of what I'm looking for. What do you think? http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/TOYOTA/MARK_II/700054080330170630003/index.html
  2. ryojikaji

    WTB Side window rain guards

    all this stuff is for the U.S. body tards: http://page3.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c416535720 http://page3.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c418465526 even better, chrome! http://page14.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s350294796 That took all of 5 mintues to find. If you don't have the IME kana pack now you can copy like this: マークⅡ SX80★ドア バイザー左右/雨よけ/サイド It says Mark II SX80 door visor left right side rain guard. fuckin' car nerds
  3. ryojikaji

    WTB Side window rain guards

    I got mine from yahoo auctions for like $40 U.S. The part numbers are in my old thread if you want to try to order them from Toyota. Otherwise, just search for sx80 rain guards. That's the chassis code for the U.S. Body in Japan. Good luck.
  4. ryojikaji

    American style tuning:

    Sig material right there hahaha
  5. ryojikaji

    American style tuning:

    Nice! got any footage from the real track?
  6. ryojikaji

    American style tuning:

    Wow, shut the site down? I LOVE THIS SITE SO MUCH that I stil come here and I don't even own a Cressida anymore! Seriously, this place is rad so please keep it going. Brian: I just want to publicly thank you for keeping jzxp going. I think the only thing harder than building one of these cars would be to babysit all of us crazy fucks. I don't see how I'm acting entitled here. I mean, I don't ask for anything from anyone on here. As for my brother, I just think he deserves a little more consideration. The last time I talked to him about this he said that he wants to come back on and rewrite the wiring guide. He hit a rough patch but now he is super pumped about his car again. I don't see how that's a bad thing no matter how you look at it I really don't think Mark has looked at this thread since I started posting updates. He'll probably be flattered that so many people care enough to post up (good or bad). Anyway, I'll ask him to come on and post.