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  1. Hzkgrceprjkt

    WTB: 1JZ non vvti IACV

    So my old IACV finally seized up and kicked the bucket; cold start idle is a pita without holding my foot on the throttle for minutes on end. I'm in no mood to take it apart and rebuild it as it looks sealed from the factory unlike the better built 2JZ iacv's. If anyone has some working ones laying around and would like to sell it please let me know. I can pay for shipping to Canada if it needs to cross the border.
  2. Hzkgrceprjkt

    JZS147 Aristo Mines tuned ecu

  3. Hzkgrceprjkt

    FS: JZX90 auto ECU (fixer-upper)

    That ecu looks toast by the way the cap blew. If it ballooned you would be fine, but that thing looks like it took a piss all over the board.
  4. Hzkgrceprjkt

    JZS147 Aristo Mines tuned ecu

    Got a JZS147 mines tuned ecu for sale. Ran it in my MX83 for a year with no issues until I decided to go full standalone; my 2JZ motorset came with this ecu. The ecu has: Raised rev limit from 6700rpm stock to 7200rpm Better fuel map More aggressive timing Boost cut raised to 15.7psi Speed cut removed Tuned to run on 100 RON octane fuel (Equivalent to 92-94 octane fuel on our side of the world) Im willing to let it go for $350 shipped.