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    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Jesus, that old rear sway bar is still around that Brian had made. damn. Good going with finding a way to get a front to match.
  2. Ever get ripped by an eBay member or know of any shady places people should know about? Any shops that are always on the ball, offer reliable service? Post your experiences with sellers, good or bad * opinions only * to protect the few in the cressida community.
  3. Bill

    Suspension for road-course/grip. Flame away.

    Msg me if you want to hang out. Just make time to do it, and do it. Kids need to go without dad time sometimes. My kid can't live without me, and I still go off on solo backcountry hikes for days. He's fine with it when I get back. Seriously though, hit me up if you want me to help with something. I'd be happy to just hang out and talk about 2GR rattles and old times.
  4. Bill

    Suspension for road-course/grip. Flame away.

    Look at this cool thread. It's cool. Chris, that old guy was Ross Foss iirc. His car was mostly stock, he just drove it really well. I can't help, only thing I can reinforce is balance. If you can at least get it predictable it would obviously be a win.
  5. Lets all just shut up and let this thread be, I don't want to have to lock it and leave it to Matt's contact only. Matt, it would help to clean up your original post with prices or pictures, but I don't care if people have to go to pm to make it happen. People on here might need some of this stuff. I have nothing against Rue and wish he just left this thread alone after I asked nicely not to shit in it. Rue doesn't have to wait a month to come back, just sweat those balls a bit. This isn't a normal part out failure thread, it means something to me to see it through. If Matt has to part out, I hope this shit goes into JZXP member cars. Keep the chatter about parts or take it to pm guys.
  6. Exactly. I have two new unmounted truck Toyo Open Country 16's I'm stuck with. I'll just build a trailer for them. People just won't buy them. And yes, $345 shipped for two, hard to take $150.
  7. He means the tires are worthless unmounted. Not really true, but feels like it when trying to resell them. I would dismount them myself and give them back, but at this point I'll just be happy to get paid if he is parting out.
  8. Yeah, I don't really need the wheels back, but we have a signed agreement on price. He's just arguing about the new tires on the back being worthless once removed. Gordo, for some reason I think you are right.
  9. Those are the output flanges I got from you gordo.
  10. If you cut the frame up, I'll come help. It needs to be exorcised in a holy fire. I swear this car wanted to die since I bought it. Not even mad. I hated the car a bit more than any feels I had for it. But the Varrstoen wheels are still mine. That hasn't been settled yet. Matt's 10j square wheel goals meant that he didn't commit to a set and kept mine as rollers until ready to take back.
  11. I thought he was joking, but put too much time into this list, and has already started posting all over bookface and millenagram. You don't even own those wheels yet, at least take those off there or talk to me about buying them. Dick/gross pics in this thread will get a month ban for anyone who posts that shit.
  12. Bill

    Taking over

    Do anything with DBS, I don't mind at all. Funny, today I got the old vinyl cutting setup together just to see if it would work again after fixing the shitty XP PC that runs it. I don't have time to do DBS cutting anymore, I just can't do it, no time, and my three year old will ruin that shit instantly unless I fight him off with one arm.
  13. Bill

    nĂºmero tres

    I like it.
  14. Yeah Matt, AN fittings on brake booster, jesus, wtf man. I did that when I lost the oem banjo when I owned the car. I also tell Matt to just put it together and stop pushing it deeper into the back of the garage like I did when I owned it.
  15. Bill

    Want: Oldschool HKS Super Sound BOV

    Like three years. Some Greddy with sender. I thought Matt might like to look at it since he said he might drop by to buy a swaybar and swap jackstand cressida stories.
  16. Bill

    Want: Oldschool HKS Super Sound BOV

    I still have a gauge I bought from gordo you can look at if you drop by friday.
  17. Bill

    Doriboat JZX73

    Nice update.
  18. The way your relatives back into the car, you should probably keep as spares.
  19. Bill

    After market seats and seatbelts

    I had one from a ae92 corolla or whatever was a similar year corolla. It had a 10" long stub with bolt hole that worked with the canadian seatbelt. If you get seats with steel bar internal construction (with foam and fabric over) make sure to look at the welds. This is only if it's that type, like lots of sparco and bride seats like brix.
  20. Bill

    WTB X8 Heater valve assembly

    Pretty sure the x8 one gets insane hot on full open if running a jz motor. I remember just barely cracking the heat on chilly days and regretting it minutes later. It's damn simple, there has to be other vehicles in a junkyard with something usable waiting to be harvested.
  21. Bill

    WTB X8 Heater valve assembly

    It's even more of a challenge when the ecu doesn't even like to stream data AND run the engine while driving. Gross. This shit uplander van is teaching me new shit I don't even want to know. Today it was how to bypass the ultra gay ecu controlled A/C by forcing the compy clutch to kick on using an old 70's caprice low pressure thermostat switch wired to the clutch relay.
  22. Bill

    WTB X8 Heater valve assembly

    I just used a garden hose valve to feed air to the post-maf intake on my chitty uplander so I could increase the long term fuel trim to put out the check engine light running on some new injectors that were too big lol. They can be useful. Redneck shit confirmed.
  23. Yeah, but then you are going to start channelling the frame so it doesn't hang so low under there, just make a nice cheap 3" normal system and sell it later. It's like two bends to the tank, two bends to the muffler.