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  1. Msg me if you want to hang out. Just make time to do it, and do it. Kids need to go without dad time sometimes. My kid can't live without me, and I still go off on solo backcountry hikes for days. He's fine with it when I get back.


    Seriously though, hit me up if you want me to help with something. I'd be happy to just hang out and talk about 2GR rattles and old times.

  2. Lets all just shut up and let this thread be, I don't want to have to lock it and leave it to Matt's contact only.


    Matt, it would help to clean up your original post with prices or pictures, but I don't care if people have to go to pm to make it happen. People on here might need some of this stuff.


    I have nothing against Rue and wish he just left this thread alone after I asked nicely not to shit in it. Rue doesn't have to wait a month to come back, just sweat those balls a bit.


    This isn't a normal part out failure thread, it means something to me to see it through. If Matt has to part out, I hope this shit goes into JZXP member cars.


    Keep the chatter about parts or take it to pm guys.

  3. If you cut the frame up, I'll come help. It needs to be exorcised in a holy fire. I swear this car wanted to die since I bought it. Not even mad. I hated the car a bit more than any feels I had for it.


    But the Varrstoen wheels are still mine. That hasn't been settled yet. Matt's 10j square wheel goals meant that he didn't commit to a set and kept mine as rollers until ready to take back.

  4. Do anything with DBS, I don't mind at all.


    Funny, today I got the old vinyl cutting setup together just to see if it would work again after fixing the shitty XP PC that runs it. I don't have time to do DBS cutting anymore, I just can't do it, no time, and my three year old will ruin that shit instantly unless I fight him off with one arm.

  5. I had one from a ae92 corolla or whatever was a similar year corolla. It had a 10" long stub with bolt hole that worked with the canadian seatbelt.


    If you get seats with steel bar internal construction (with foam and fabric over) make sure to look at the welds. This is only if it's that type, like lots of sparco and bride seats like brix.

  6. It's even more of a challenge when the ecu doesn't even like to stream data AND run the engine while driving. Gross.


    This shit uplander van is teaching me new shit I don't even want to know. Today it was how to bypass the ultra gay ecu controlled A/C by forcing the compy clutch to kick on using an old 70's caprice low pressure thermostat switch wired to the clutch relay.

  7. How to JZXP.


    Stop posting in here, finish what you started with the intake, get the octomom manifold on that turbo, get it fueled simply, do some bondo, come back with progress report.


    Even if you run out of money or cares like I did, at least get it back to a simple driving state eventually. Don't worry about the provisions for 900hp,chances are the car will fold in two and kill you anyway.