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  1. Bill

    Jzx love affair part 2 - 81 Cresta

    At least you don't have a 110. X8 requires like 4 creative bends to make a perfect tucked exhaust route.
  2. Bill

    spec clutches

    Bully clutch is decent. I had a centerforce dual friction that came apart nearly instantly.
  3. Yeah, I gave up on "military spec" agm batteries a long time ago. I just use "poor people spec" walmart batteries in a moroso box. Also clutch fan works fine.
  4. Bill

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Good enough. Just asking.
  5. Front + rear Largus swaybars for JZX81 (X8) Partial s9 front endlinks (may just need poly/washers part) + Custom rear endlinks. New energy sus bushings You make your own rear mounts. These bars may have been lightly touched by Austin, Gordo and the fabulous Ameen. Lots of touching. Yes these hype bars (one of them at least) has done the Irwindale bank. Lol.
  6. Bill

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Hate to be that guy, but if you are parting anything from the GS, I need the AC hose where the pressure filler fitting is for a 2J. Pm me if it's a possibility.
  7. Bill

    Pearly whites and black metal

  8. Bill

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Still sad though. I honestly prefer tooling around in my GS300 a little more. Better throttle than the 430, but the V8 has the top end thrust.
  9. Bill

    Pearly whites and black metal

    If a tree fell on my gs430, i'd be looking for a bellhousing adapter for the 4.3 before even brushing off the branches.
  10. Bill

    Largus bar set plus hardwares.

    US dollar is good for me and I could use the cash.
  11. Bill

    Largus bar set plus hardwares.

    $450 usd shipped set. Bump.
  12. Bill

    I think I might be a retarded moron.

    FWIW my vvt PFC came with crank position wiring reversed. And my harness was actually not reversed. I had to repin the plug to use PFC. So don't ever expect a PFC to even work out of the box let alone fix your car for you.
  13. It looks decent either way. At least these are just better wheels period. Car is awesome regardless. You could put any wheels in those sizes and it would do ok.
  14. Took me a few weeks to actually get used to rhd. took longer to get used to people yelling strange shit at you about driving rhd.
  15. I bought some -06AN hardware that basically allowed you to drill the existing hat, and bolt the shits in with washers.
  16. Bill

    giving up, giving in

    I'm satisfied with just tach, fuel, a/f and an ARK MFD and an optional mechanical boost. I have a 9k SPA Design tach. It's available with hall sensor speedo last time I checked. I bought one but got shipped a non-speedo, so just kept it and got money back.
  17. Bill

    Y0SH's JZX83

    Some turds mangled my rad support pulling the motor years before I ever got the car. I would have replaced it if I had a straight one at the time. Nice job.
  18. Or drop the car right on the trans from like 12ft. Take the shifter off first unless you're that good.
  19. Bill

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    When I saw rust on the fenders of my car, I just figured it was a good excuse to cut it all off and build the fenders I wanted.
  20. Bill

    Wheels: Zenki UCF20

    16x12 steel and 33x12.5 Wrangler Duratracs Just figured the 33's would clear better.
  21. Bill

    Taking over

    JZXP- try to join, leave in tears, make threats.
  22. Bill

    Mint MX83 Coils & Wheels

    Needs more practical car. Looking for cherokee or wrangler.
  23. Bill

    -8AN feed, -6AN return for 1JZ VVTi

    I have -06 onto the stock fpr. With-06 return. Works fine for my stupid stockish power.