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  1. that's all you need, provided the 7M is running good and not ready to take a dirt nap. Like to see some footage of how well it really goes too. looks bad ass there.
  2. ok, this just turned into the hott X love thread, let them roll.. here's my latest hottness:
  3. http://www.kidsheart.co.jp/stockcar/syousai-3/syousai.htm 8)
  4. Well, it seems to me from the numbers the two engines make, that you can't go wrong with either one. 1.. 1/2.. 2JZ.. it all good. I think it's just a matter of what you can get your hands on, big deal.
  5. Bill

    240 woes.

    your cars are hott 8) that corolla *cough* supercharged levin coupe, is lookin good. tripple thumbs up on dat one. i'm about to put my all-trac corolla OZ wheels on eBay, they're just like those, but 14x6 4x100 +41mm. still not sure what they're worth, but they would be hot on an AW11, FX16, or AE92.
  6. i'm dum what's the dif between a 1 and 2JZ head? sorry, I know i could search another forum, but I didn't think the diference was much more than the appearance of the valve cover? 2JZ flows better? are the manifolds different? whaaat?? If it was me I'd not want to go big on the turbo, I want reliability, and smooth, so I'd just go for a single that's a bit better than the stockies, that's all. and go all out on the bottom end (all fresh stuff).
  7. another bitch in your ear: don't even think about a 7M in that daily driver unless you go all out on the BHG-proofing. I still think you should get a reliable daily driver.. but that all depends on how much trouble you're willing to put up with..
  8. can you get away with an unlicensed track car? probably not, I'd get a jzx81 with no tags and mod the hell out of it, and trailer it to the track if i were you. but trailering is obviously not in the cards for you right? otherwise, build a clean low miles JZ X83, keep it simple, and try to leave a chunk of the budget to keeping it on the track. and don't fall in love with your everyday car, just keep it reliable, and focus the cash on the track car's upkeep IMO.
  9. no no!! he needs the 'Kei Office' ones, about 48" long and flecked metallic pink...
  10. that thing almost shouldn't be called a cressida anymore
  11. I am a member of the dark side of the cressida community.... :twisted: