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    exhaust drone

    Probably check for that before you start slicing and dicing your exhaust.
  2. Searched on this a bit but can't seem to find confirmation anywhere figured someone on here may know. My power steering rack seems to have sprung a leak and trying to see which rebuild kit would work, some New Zealand forums say to use is300 and Altezza kits but not one has actually confirmed it yet, I'm up to checking part numbers next and see where that leads, anyone by any chance know which fits?
  3. Hey guys, my Mark II is almost done and is currently getting a full weld-in cage for this season so my bolt-in cage is up for sale. Not gonna lie, I legit have no idea how much I bought it for even though I bought it from a forum member here (Ninjabread). So I will post it at $800 OBO, pretty negotiable for OG jzxp members. If you're a new member with less than 100 posts and message me for this, I will probably ask for more. This is the Cusco/Safety21 6-point cage that does NOT allow for rear passengers. No pics because it's a cage... it's black and it's got bars... there are a few scratches from fitting the damn thing in the car but no dents or bends, I can repaint it before I ship it out if it will make you feel better about it. Will ship at buyers expense.