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  1. THUG

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    Damn I miss this car, and this forum. Out of the 20 imports i owned and worked on, this is the one i always think of. "The one that got away" so to speak After i Sold it, i know it sat for a little bit, then it got a smaller single turbo and a better tune, but i haven't seen it driving around. I hope to see it again. Definitely want to get in another x chassis in the near future. for now my 4runner will do. ...FUUUUUUUUUUCK
  2. Bump still have it. Motivated to sell.
  3. I forget to mention that this car has an Orc clutch with an Orc push to pull conversion with the beefiest clutch fork I've seen. Has brand new replacement pressure place and clutch disc as well as Orc release bearing This is expensive shit. This car will never need another clutch. Comes with the old replacement parts which were almost the exact dimensions of the brand new ones. So much life left The car is currently in a state of having the fenders smoothed out. So bondo and sanding is being done Anyone in close states to me, or not. Should entertain the thought of getting this and swapping a Cressida vin on it. Didn't hear it from me! A certain someone would be willing to drive it down too
  4. THUG

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    No better time than now I can still get decent money back for it Cars have always just been a hobby for me. No longer my point of interest I'm selling most of my things as well. Going traveling
  5. I was asking 10 grand to lure away retards I'm hoping for the 8 grand mark. But have Been offered 7500 and I'll probably take in that range
  6. Rough for sale ad cause its on my phone You guys already know about it 1991 Toyota cresta 170,000 kms 165 compression across Mark 2 front end 1jz Full s9 body kit Z32 front brakes Kei office front coilover Cusco rear coilovers Apexi IHI 67mm turbo Front mount intercooler Blitz super sound bov Hks 50mm wastegate Aeromotive fuel pump and fpr 880cc injectors Apexi power FC Water/oil temp and pressure gauge Blitz dual sbc boost controller Bride bucket drivers Bride recline able passenger 2 way diff Adjustable rear suspension arms Xm diff bushings Xm angle kit The car isn't perfect. It is 22 years old. But everything works. Speedo, tach, clock, fuel gauge. Trunk, gas and hood latches work. Power windows and mirrors Needs to be tuned And rear axles should be changed (Cressida) I daily drive it as it and it runs good Acceptings offers. No trades
  7. THUG

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    For sale! Taking offers
  8. THUG

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    thanks dudes. nice to have a car that not only like, but other people do as well
  9. THUG

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    should have some more photo's soon. one i get some tires i'll be drifting again Here is my buddies car. 1989 Nissan Cefiro 18x12-9 (255/35) 18x10-16 (225/40)
  10. ^^^^ I knew that guy who had that one. He had two of em. I bought a mark 2 supra off him for parts haha. i love these soarers, i don't see them that often
  11. THUG

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    holy angle batman
  12. THUG

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    I painted the trim piece in the front and back. Don't have picture of back yet. Also got new inter cooler and mounted it as high as i could. The reason i got a new cooler was the GTR one was blocking the bumper support mounts and i really wanted to use it. and i thought the GTR one was a bit big Also got 50mm spacers for the front. so now its 18x8.5 +5 max camber Front bumper sits way higher cause its actually got a bumper support, and my front end finally lines up, no gaps anywhere