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  1. tougeattack

    WTB: 1JZ ecu

    I have a JZA70 to JZS147 jumper harness and a JDM 2JZ ECU that I don't need. Just gotta wire your injectors, mucho mejor.
  2. tougeattack

    WTB 1JZ Downpipe

    I know what they look like but can you PM me a photo or 2? How many coilpacks do you need?
  3. tougeattack

    WTB 1JZ Downpipe

    Do you have to remove the turbos to install it or can you work around them? Also, noticed your post about needing a coilpack, we can work something out if you want. Is it pretty well built or some ebay swag?
  4. tougeattack

    X8 window rain guards, fit USDM Cressida MX83

    Get those copies done, I want some.
  5. tougeattack

    gauging interest: panicwire x8 jz harnesses

    This has the harness pictured in the 1st page. Engine hasn't ran in 4-5 years, practically fired right up. Mark is a fucking champ. http://youtu.be/Cg7r2JgDpPA Currently trying to figure out why it won't rev up but stoked that it runs as good as it does.
  6. tougeattack

    WTB 1JZ Downpipe

    Have you installed it? Heard the fitment on those were super ass but that's just hear say.
  7. tougeattack

    WTB 1JZ Downpipe

    I need one of these, or a 7MGTE downpipe(pretty sure they work fine) Stock or aftermarket. Hell if you have a pipe that'll bolt up without hitting anything surrounding that'll dump the exhaust out at least 3-4 feet I'll take it. Freebies welcome as fuck.
  8. How much for the passenger headlight , radiator hoses, and radiator shipped to 27330?
  9. tougeattack

    WTB: X8 tidbits

    How much for the passenger one?
  10. tougeattack

    WTB: X8 tidbits

    Bumper cars.
  11. tougeattack

    WTB: X8 tidbits

    Need this power steering rack line. The bent one to the left. Also, I need the white headlight adjusters for the passenger headlight and the shit that surrounds the steering column, prefer gray but don't care about color. P.S. I need a driveshaft for R154 into X8, prefer steel one piece, if you don't wanna rape me on shipping I will buy it from you.
  12. tougeattack

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    Yea it's weird without the fenders and it literally has 0 camber in the front. I don't have coilovers yet, hopefully soon though, also extending the front control arms 50-60mm so that will add lots of camber. It looks pretty tough in person. The flares will look good, not some janky bullshit.
  13. tougeattack

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    17x10.5 +20 235/45 tyres. Fronts have 1 inch spacers. No spacers on the rear. Shit quality photos but you'll deal with it bitches. 15x10 -64 no spacer. 185/65 master tire stretcher motherfucker. I will take some better photos later, just got access to a good camera. Plus the car is almost done and it's getting big ass custom fender flares.