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  1. Did you keep the veilsides?
  2. Y0SH

    Curse of the Cressida

    There's also Hippo Sleek and I cant remember if destruction king makes rear bumpers or if they're only front.
  3. Y0SH

    nĂºmero tres

    this looks exactly like how my last x8 started except the older fabric. i loved how the pearl catches the light.
  4. im pretty sure i still have a hood somewhere. I've thought about doing the same.
  5. Y0SH

    Y0SH's JZX83

    Just picked up a 79 corolla wagon. The bolt to the alternator bracket broke off in the block so the original owner gave up on it. I picked it up super cheap and got the alternator on and it runs great so far. Ill post pics when i get home if anyone wants to see a stock corolla.
  6. Y0SH

    wonderwoman buys an outfit she doesn't fit into

    There's some shop space for rent I've been looking at up by I25 and hwy76, that's a round 25x40 ish (there are a few available).
  7. I'm in the same boat; fighting a flu with coffee, mucinex, and 12 hour shifts. Those shirts look rad. Kid looks like a little badass.
  8. Y0SH

    wonderwoman buys an outfit she doesn't fit into

    Im in Lakewood now and need to meet up with you one of these days and check out your cressida in person.
  9. Y0SH

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    I work at a body shop polishing paint jobs. Fuck black. I'll sti probably paint my next x chassis black but I'll already be bitching about everything else about it, it'll be nice to have something new to complain about.
  10. Y0SH

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    I think I've only ever seen 2 black x8s, and they've both been on jzxproject over the ten years I've been on here.
  11. Looks good. It's kind of weird seeing so many cars being finished at the same time on here. How's the shop working out for you?
  12. Y0SH

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    This came together very nicely, and sounds strong.
  13. Y0SH

    Y0SH's JZX83

    I saw this car and made me second guess that tet came in a 5 speed. https://www.japaneseclassics.com/vehicle/1991-toyota-cresta-jzx81/ .
  14. Y0SH

    Y0SH's JZX83

    Most jzx81 with factory 5 speed are 12k+. I'd spend 10-15k on a jzx100 if I knew I could register it.
  15. Y0SH

    Y0SH's JZX83

    Kyle, I'd be willing to pay that for a chassis that has 15k and is an mark ii that I can swap in a JZ and 6 speed for less than a stock jzx81 mark ii 5 speed.