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  1. Mitto

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Engine bay is fucking clean man! Looking good. Only let down though is that rear housing, get that shit coated black.
  2. DROOL but at $4000+ price tag its up there. Bang for buck though could piece together a great turbo setup and make 2-3 times the power easy...
  3. Mitto

    Trash boat

    This^^ Why wouldn't you fix the fitment before paint? That rear left end cap is terrible man.
  4. Too easy man. Thanks definitely liking this one way more than the last one already.
  5. Thanks guys. Chris I'm pretty happy with the wheels too! Random find one night on Yahoo auctions. Too cheap to pass up, just need to widen them only 15x6.5 +13. Running 15mm spacer up front. Gordo I was always going to pick up another x8, cant get away that easy... Also I'm not a fan of Andrews work. Had his subframe bushes in my old x8. Sat the frame at a weird angle. From what I read he based the design off a s2 subframe. S1 and S2 are slightly different as everyone later found out... Nothing against the guy I just know I can find better elsewhere in AUS. Thanks Whoremouth!! Have always been checking in from time to time to keep up with the OG members builds. Will grab some better photo's once my camera is back from it's service.
  6. Not really much to say but I'm back in another x8 Please excuse the shitty insta filters. My Dslr has shat itself so ripped this pic from my tumblr. When I picked it up How it looks now. S1 89 silver (seven different shades) NA2J non vvti /w58 from JZA80 BC coilovers 15" Tri spokes A bunch of GX81 markII shit like Headlights with fogs Tail lights S1 R33 fog lights Rain guards Digi dash (non turbo) Sat delete pocket YX80 fender mirror's (not everyones flavour but I like) 2&1/2" Stainless exhaust tucked up nice and high Mostly just comfort shit as it's my daily. Have some other parts here I'll be putting in eventually 4.3 shimmed diff Ext flca's with modded knuckles RCA's Braided brake lines f/r Heim joints from RUCA's Diff/subframe bushes as well No real plans apart from paint and possibly itb's at some point, not really interested in going turbo. It's mostly just to get me to and from work with a little "wet weather warrior" fun if I feel like it. So yeah there it is. I'll be going back into lurk mode now...
  7. Mitto

    X pics only!!!!

    Roy's car looks great but he had it right before. The RED style was killer! The only thing I can criticise on this is why he didn't remove the door moulds as well? they've been deleted everywhere else...
  8. Mitto

    pretty picture

    That silver x8 w/ markII tails, is that on jza80 wheels? If so got any better pics as in side on?
  9. That z32 kit for dirt cheap was stupid to let go. Also probably burnt any chance of Rue doing it a second time round. The angle that those tips are cut at always make them looked photoshopped in. Car looks good but maybe you need to upload another few hundred photo's just to be sure I joke I joke Also interested in what those wheels are?
  10. Mitto

    X pics only!!!!

  11. Mitto

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

  12. Mitto

    X-81, blue on blue thats fucking ross.

    This thing is nice man. Been following you on Tumblr too. Not sold on the shark nose but interested to see how it goes though
  13. Mitto

    new S9 "oni-camber" mounts

    And I wouldn't run either of them. Just the huge angle on this in comparison to XM's NCRCA's seems much larger.
  14. Mitto

    new S9 "oni-camber" mounts

    That looks like it would put stress in all the wrong places under any sort of load?