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  1. Hey dude,


    The 17" eurolines I got off you ain't workin lol the faces finish is coming off, not dirty. So if your friend is going to japan anytime soon or still has some 18" euroline type N's in a 4/5bolt pattern, I'll gladly deal with him again. Looking for a 18x9 or 10 in mint condition like the other 18's I bought off you.


    Thanks bro.

  2. Agg 2 eggs, a half cup of flour, and page 3 of a Quran, then blend well, and bake for 30 minutes.




    By the way, you can substitue page 3 of a Quran, with page 257 of the king james version of the old testiment,

    but then you end up in another dimension if you turn left.

    If you turn right, you end up in a cheezy porno movie as the comic relief.