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  1. I read that the is300 pan fits but yeah I don't want a deeper pan lol, I'm not even that low!

    I was thinkin about getting it plug welded since it seems like it's stamped steel, but I didn't know if that was an option. There's some sort of silver colored paint or coat on the inside of the pan I was going to try and find out what it was for sure, if it's just paint to protect the steel then maybe I'll just get it welded.


    If I'm going to invest a lot of money in a transmission it's going to be a 5/6 speed.

  2. No nothing else was damaged other than that plate, the pan was only bent in near the dipstick tube. I've been asking a couple local supra guys, one wants to sell me a whole transmission. Pete just threw away his last a340e lol annd I texted Gerard but he hasn't got back to me.


    I had my friend go to a junkyard yesterday and get a pan off of a 1986 x7 but apparently it has the older transmission as the oil pan was flat and shorter lengthways. I compared the 2 today and went fuuuuck. Goddam 1988 x7 all borderline x8 n' shit.

  3. Drivin down the street the other night, didn't see a huge hitch on the road, drove over it and pierced 2 holes in my transmission's oil pan and bent it up into the transmission.


    Not sure if anything's fucked internally, there's a plate on the inside of the pan that's bolted to the valve body, it's bent too, dunno if it's going to affect much..


    I need a new pan so I can put some ATF in and see if the trans will work. If it doesn't, looks like I'll be on here looking for a 5spd swap for a 5mge or I'lll be swappin in a jz over the winter.