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  1. Your whole post was useless... I already figured it's probably around a 40mm 4 bolt flange, but he didn't mention it so I was asking him... just out of curiosity.


    I already have a Turbonetics 2 bolt external gate but I wanted to buy a bigger 4 bolt one, so if I know how big this flange is, I can look for the right size waste gate. There's no use is just assuming what size the flange is right? It's be a waste of money to go buy a gate that's too big, I'd have to do what you said and cut/weld a new flange on.


    You don't have to be disrespectful and try to act tough in front of your veteran JZXP peers over me asking a question to Jack.

  2. Okay, I've been searching around the interwebs trying to find a New idler pulley for my 1JZ... driftmotion only sell's a 2JZ which doesn't fit the same unless you grind down the arm because the 2JZ belt is 1/2" longer than a 1JZ. I have read I think on poopramania that you can take the 2JZ pulley itself and swap it onto a 1JZ idler pulley arm... anyone done this?


    Or does anyone have a good condition pulley I can buy?