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  1. Great thread.

    I have been looking into info on this recently on other forums, I was going to do 90 degree 1/2" NPT to -10 AN fittings on my valve covers, braided lines to a catch can of some sort... I am not wanting to recirculate the PCV's into my intake also.

    But now I like Gordo's check valve setup better than a catch can... I'm just wondering if it will make a difference when I go to pass my car through Air Care... (a emissions test.)

  2. hmm, all I can find is the complete 1JZ gasket set on DM.


    I don't suppose anybody know's a current toyota dealer that can get their hand's on OEM 1JZ-GTE intake/exhaust manifold gasket's huh? I found some dealer's while searching on google but the posts were in threads from years ago. I sent some email's to them but I haven't been replied to yet.