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  1. Layzorbeemz

    wtb: 88 tail light passenger side. (RH)

    Bump. Help me out guys i really need this.
  2. Layzorbeemz

    fs x7 chrome trims

    You wouldnt happen to have a spare 88 passenger tail light would you?
  3. Layzorbeemz

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    Just go get some from a autoparts store, fans are fans.
  4. Layzorbeemz

    thats odd...thought i had a open diff

    My cressida is canadian and I don't have an lsd, shit's a one tire frier.
  5. Layzorbeemz

    Are Megan coilovers worth it?

    S9 ftfw, id take stance over megan any day of the week.
  6. Layzorbeemz

    Mx83 springs?

    Was gonna say, it shouldn't be hard to find lowering springs for an x8. Fail. Just go cut your wrists, I mean springs. My x7's ride isn't terrible and I've got some gay brand ae86 shocks and struts with cut springs.
  7. Layzorbeemz

    X7 Project Lowlife

    Omg, looks exactly like what I want my x7 to look like. Sir, I envy you.
  8. Layzorbeemz

    project fresshida

    RAHHBABBABBABAaahh haha love that shit
  9. Layzorbeemz

    CD/TV/DVD radio install pix

    I have a shitty pioneer tape deck. Need to get a new deck myself. Probobly nothing too crazy, just a cd player with aux output, so I can use my ipod.
  10. Layzorbeemz


    1slowep3: i think its only meant for x8's, I could be mistaken though. If it DOES fit x7's that'd be freakin sweet.
  11. Layzorbeemz

    Body - Lets talk weight savings

  12. Layzorbeemz

    project fresshida

    Look forward to it! I need a jz soo bad 5m's killin' me.
  13. Layzorbeemz

    project fresshida

    Saw a vid of this car on youtube doin a "weak" burnout... Said in the comments it was on jzx so i had to come look at the build. That 2jz screams man holyy fuuck.. Raspect.
  14. Oh, saw a nice stock silver x8 today.
  15. Besides peto's car, so thats 4.
  16. Ive seen 3 x8's over the passed month. Nothing else. All stock as fuck and dirty.
  17. Layzorbeemz

    Seat rails mx73

    Ahh that makes sense now, i was gonna say if you're usin stick just get some 7024 but you were using hardwire.
  18. Layzorbeemz

    Seat rails mx73

    @mr2thomas: what process did you use to weld those brackets? I wanna say E6010 but there's no spatter... is it TIG?
  19. Layzorbeemz

    1j fluctuating idle

    Big cams? Lol