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  1. Gizmo

    1uzfe neutral safety switch?

    Have you tried running a switch directly from the starter? See if it works that way. It's probably a bad ground though, too much resistance perhaps?
  2. Gizmo

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    That is a rad color! 1/4 chubbing it right now!
  3. Gizmo

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    TBone isn't DM, Noob.
  4. Gizmo

    WTB LSD (not the drug kind)

    This^ Celica Supra diff shimmed. BadaBingBadaBOOOOOOOM!!!
  5. Gizmo

    Wiring.... how do I approach? 2jz gte aristo / vvti mx83

    This had me rolling!!!!
  6. Gizmo

    Trap Star 1JZ-GTE UCF20 build.

    Lol thought you weren't coming back? I'm using your hydro plans on my LS lol
  7. Gizmo

    Flywheel Bolts

    I've never heard anything bad about Toyotas bolts. People using the stock flywheel with the OEM bolts pushing 500+HP and everything still holds up smoothly.
  8. Gizmo

    how to install ac to 2jzge??

    LOLZLOLZLOLZ good shit... OP is a fag.
  9. Gizmo

    Flywheel Bolts

    Just get new shortened ARP bolts, id rather be safe than legless lol Id say go OEM but that's out of the question considering your flywheel is thinner.
  10. Gizmo

    Flywheel Bolts

    Woooooord^... Last thing you want is that.flywheel coming loose. I've heard horror stories, bro.... Horror stories.
  11. $300? Let me know... I might consider getting it.
  12. Gizmo

    springs for sale

    That doesn't justify the fact that you paid $300 for lowering springs you fag.
  13. Gizmo

    FS: Diamond Racing's 15x8/10

    Id buy them of they were five lug. GLWS.
  14. Gizmo

    springs for sale

    $300 for lowering springs? Fucking idiot. T3 sells the DIY kit for around $250 shipped. LOLZLOLZLOLZ Cressida Nation, bro.