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  1. Mr. Blonde

    Single turbo 1jz ready for x8

    I need this more than you know... C'mon income tax damn you!!
  2. Mr. Blonde

    Selling 2 R154 Transmissions

    Lmao at your gay ass email address!!
  3. Mr. Blonde

    F/T: 1jz vvti

    This thread should be moved to the bullshit section. This guy is a fucking joke.
  4. Mr. Blonde

    WTB r154 Bellhousing (jz)

    ^^i vouch for that.. DM shipping is slow and overpriced IMO.
  5. Mr. Blonde

    Shifter plate

    Thought you needed this Gibbs? Scoop it up
  6. Mr. Blonde

    WTB: 1JZ/2JZ R154 Bellhousing

    Gl with that. Japan seems to be in some kind of bind.... Hmm....hmmm. No clue y.
  7. Mr. Blonde


    Do us a favor and die
  8. Mr. Blonde

    WTB- 5spd petal setup for my x8

    Open your eyes
  9. Mr. Blonde

    WTB- 5spd petal setup for my x8

  10. Mr. Blonde

    Car vibrating like crazy!

    I have a one piece driveshaft. Cant be that. It does it when i am sitting still in neuatral just reving the engine up. That is why i thought it was the flywheel being warped or somethingl. i think something with the engine is fucked. maybe bad crank or something.
  11. Mr. Blonde

    Car vibrating like crazy!

    Put an r154 in my car with a fully rebuilt 7m and when i hit the gas it vibrates but at idle does not. does anyone have any idea what it could be? would it be the harmonic balancer? Thought it was the clutch mis-aligned or the flywheel but changed those out yesterday and still doing it.
  12. Mr. Blonde

    MIsc. OEM parts mx83

    Jzxproject doesnt 86 you....You 86 yourself! Douchebag.
  13. Mr. Blonde

    Wtb fuel pump

    hit up lkq. im down...maybe with some tools this time. and some warmer clothes