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  1. slow_n_low


    I dont understand this build
  2. Thats a damn good deal. Slap on some wheels andcall it a day...orrrr someone buy it n 6spd the bitch n have uber fun tandems
  3. slow_n_low

    t56 trans mount for LSx swaps?

    Hey wondering if u guys were making t56 trans mounts for the ls swaps? I know u guys got the engine brackets out already
  4. slow_n_low

    mx32 build.... haters gonna hate

    Fuck finding one to fit. Id just notch/cut what's needed to make it work
  5. slow_n_low

    Rusty McFucking Rust Hole

    wuuuh i loved taking out the dash gets easy after u have to pull it out a few times ahah
  6. slow_n_low

    Fuck intel. Hate and 1.5JZ inside.

  7. slow_n_low

    can't seem to find a car i want to keep.

    arrrgh pics arent working for meeez
  8. slow_n_low

    Baller Daily 161 build

  9. slow_n_low

    The old lady sedan.

    wait, wait, wait..... theres never been a non-sausage fest here?....... .............. ............
  10. i<3asiangirls should be youre ur username .............., great buld thread thoug,h keep it up
  11. slow_n_low

    American style tuning:

    l;idgaf smoke trees and fuck hot azn bitches all day........and work on our jz swapped cars cant any better ooooooor maybe i can idk
  12. slow_n_low

    WTB: 5M and W58 stuff.

    i got a mk2 poopra pedal? dunno if its direct bolt on for the x7 but lmk
  13. do you have the part number for the shift rail?
  14. slow_n_low

    Trap Star 1JZ-GTE UCF20 build.

    definately want a jz powered ls now
  15. slow_n_low

    Gaijin Smash: What the Wiring?

    what radiator is that? ebay?