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  1. HESH

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    theres a lot of truth to this quote . hahahahaah i was once there, glad your getting some use outta my old gear. the coils are the best !
  2. HESH

    Pearly whites and black metal

    The Kind Diamond sticker is on point....car looks good too!
  3. HESH

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    motor and bay look tits! good work.
  4. HESH

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    your gonna love those stance coils in the back..the dampening on those is perfect.
  5. HESH

    X7 partout

    front fenders ..diff......?? im localish..so i could pick um up. no need to ship.
  6. HESH

    R154 Front DS & x6/x7 Grillz

    im interested in the blow x7 diff...does it come with stub axles?
  7. HESH

    X-81, blue on blue thats fucking ross.

    shark nose looks awesome!
  8. HESH

    Random 90 shenanigans

    fuckin jealous of the touge action! looks fuckin fun!!
  9. HESH

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    hahaha..seriously should change the title to mx73 pipe dreams. its funny cause its true. yup thats the plan.
  10. HESH

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    this is how hopeful i am about this .... i got a few ideas brewing on how to make a proper roof wing...we will see how far i get..i do know that shapping spray foam is about as gay as this forum.
  11. werd up. we will have to meet up. i wont be in my x7 cause im gay and my swap aint done.....but ill be there. the on board footage is awesome!! stoked to the jzx in action on the 5/8s bank! gonna be good!
  12. HESH

    Crab Cab

    fender work and paint is proper.
  13. fuck yes! good stuff. see you in Monroe!
  14. fuck yeah! looks fun, stoked for some vids. Flares look proper on the x8 .